General recommendations before planting grapes

To properly put the grapes, and he was pleased with the abundant harvest, you must prepare and consider the following points:

- bushes need to grow in separate from the rest of the planting area in a Sunny spot, sheltered from drafts and winds;

- for growing grapes suitable for any type of soil, except waterlogged, saline areas and lands with the surface location of the groundwater at a depth less than 2 meters;

depending on the type of trellis and grapes aisle width should be between 2 to 3 meters, and the distance between the bushes – from 1.3 to 2 meters;

- used for planting annuals and vegetative plants and cuttings of the vine. Length of seedlings suitable for planting, should be 10-15 cm, and a thickness of at least 2 mm.

Planting grapes

Right to plant grape seedlings can spring up to the dissolution of the kidneys, and in the second half of autumn. The most common and simple is planting a sapling in the hole, which requires:

1. Prepare a pit with a diameter and a depth of 80 cm, to separate removed the top layer of soil up to one-third of the entire depth and the rest of the soil which is less fertile.

2. Delayed upper layer of soil mix with the following components: 2.5 buckets of manure, 0.5 kg of minerals including phosphorus and potassium, 1.5 kg of ash obtained from burning plants.

3. The resulting mass to fill in the pit, evenly distributed layer of from 20 to 30 cm.

4. Before how to plant grapes in the hole to hammer a wooden peg to which to bind the established seedling, spreading the roots evenly in the poured mixture.

5. Fill the pit with the remaining salt of the earth and to pour 3 buckets of water.

6. The remaining earth from the lower layers of the pit mix with a small amount of sand and gently fill in the hole.

In the autumn planting of grape seedlings Spud, making a small mound on them with a height of 25 to 30 cm. Spring planting of cuttings differs in that it left a shallow hole with a height of 10 to 15 cm, but the layer of loose soil 2 to 3 cm should cover the upper section of the plant.

It is possible to plant vines growing seedlings in the spring, when a perennial shrub beats the first leaves. Preparation of pits for planting of vegetative seedlings, the planting and watering process is the same as at the annual. After the seedling will be accepted and grow up, remove the two lower sheet and sleep in the ditch additional quantity of land.

Planting cuttings of grapes

Planting grape cuttings is in the spring before the eyes of the grape bushes will start to come to life and swell. To properly put the grape cuttings need to do the following:

1. Cut with a sharp knife or razor handle, with a cut in the lower part should be located near the eye, while at the top, at a height of 3 cm from the top of the kidney.

2. Put the stalk in water at room temperature and soak it for 1-2 days.

3. Remove the bowl from the water, the upper section of a dip for a few seconds in melted paraffin, after which the lower end put on the day in a specially prepared solution consisting of 1 liter of water and 1 tsp of honey.

4. Prepare a pit in the same way as for planting seedlings and watering the water.

5. In buried the ground rod to make a hole and insert the cutting so that the lower section reached a depth of soil at 50 cm.

6. To close the landing segment of the film, making a hole in it in place of the top cutting and threading it.

7. Sprinkle the open top of the small amount of land that the mound covered the top of the eye for 2-3 cm.

Planting cuttings allows you to plant grapes and to increase the number of vineyards. If it is correct to plant the vineyard and care for him, developing over the years, the bushes will be pleasing healthy appearance and abundant crops.