Why wilt the leaves of tomatoes

One of the most common reasons why tomato leaves wilt is a vascular wilt. The disease is particularly prevalent in southern areas, regardless of location of plants in greenhouses or hotbeds. In the Northern areas affected mainly the tomatoes in the greenhouses.

The first signs of Fusarium wilt - yellowing of leaves, deformation of stems, then drying out the top shoots, blackening the fruit. To avoid Fusarium wilt of tomatoes, you need to properly care for plants, for example:

- time to Spud tomatoes, the first hoeing should be carried out before the plant reaches a height of 15 centimetres;

- be sure to before planting disinfect the soil with a solution of copper sulphate (100 grams raw material per 10 liters of water);

- time to carry out the processing of antifungal drugs, etc

Why dry leaves of tomatoes

Quite a common occurrence - drying the leaves of tomatoes, the cause of which is late blight. Late blight is caused due to improper watering (frequent), as well as temperature. The disease is dangerous because it promptly can destroy the entire crop.

To fight Phytophthora is difficult, however, you can prevent the disease, to carry out prevention: time to water the plants, not pouring them, be treated with special preparations from Phytophthora (best to use the solutions of milk and infusions of garlic), hold feeding, strengthen immunity of plants (proven yeast supplements: 20 grams of raw material per 10 liters of water), ash (three tablespoons of ash for each plant before watering).