1. In the case where you want in the future to create a few, you can apply to a marriage Agency. This method has many advantages and low risks, provided that you select a young and zealous office-by-night, which promises to princes and princesses, and affordable and already proven Agency with good reputation and lots of experience. The advantages of this method of meeting: all applicants are not married, their looks match the photos, they are mentally balanced, have not been convicted and do not have selfish goals. In this embodiment, travelers don't need to waste time on long correspondence, and you will always give honest feedback – what kind of impression you make on a date. Serious agencies will work with you experts, and you will be able to feel more confident, relaxed and comfortable.

2. Dating website – a good search for their mate. The main disadvantage is that on these sites about yourself you can write anything, but this is rarely true: includes photos from years ago and looking for specified disingenuous. Hence the frequent disappointment of those who came with pure intentions.

Women for the most part, wanting to please, being provoked men and quickly allow the relationship to move in a horizontal plane. But men sometimes say something like: "to understand, you have to try, what to pull, the choice is huge eyes run. And suddenly there, around the corner, better." Then comes the understanding: "If she's with me at the second meeting slept, how many more, because men here Nemer...?!". As a consequence, the level of respect for each other on Dating sites tends to zero.

3. Parties speed-Dating is a game according to the rules of the event organizers. It wins the one who can sell yourself in 5 minutes, in the language of business. Very questionable win in the future, long-term relationships, isn't it?

Imagine, in one common room, where close to each other are 10 small tables, in 50 minutes you have passes 10 visits. You can say: "Hello... Uh..." and sounds a loud Gong, it is time to Board. All this action happens in front of other participants and organizers.

Usually the first date is attractive precisely because of its intimacy and targeting – the focus of attention of two people to each other. And here is vanity and confusion. In the case where the skill of flirt and easy communication – is not your strong point, such a event is a new experience you run the risk of gaining a deep sense of frustration and loneliness.

4. If you are primarily a communication, not the creation of a pair of, perfect any interest group – in Moscow you can always find in tune with the Hobbies of people. The web is full of sites with ads about finding the company for various intellectual (e.g., "60 seconds", "Monopoly") or psychological (e.g., Mafia) games, Bicycle rides, hikes, trips to Moscow and St. There are sites where people looking for friends. One has only to type in the search: "Friends with the same interests in Moscow."

5. Published on the Internet the announcement of the open (often free) lectures, seminars, toursand flash mobs and rallies on a variety of topics. There mostly are about lonely people, though of different ages. It is possible to strike up a casual conversation to discuss topical issue – is not a reason for Dating?

6. The best option to find friends to go to lessons or join a club you are interested in topics (foreign language, theatre, elocution, dancing, etc.). You get a double benefit: gain knowledge and meet new people. But this option is not the best for those seeking as many friends as the closest person – your soul mate.

7. In the warm period of the year it's hard to find a better place to exhibit than large urban parks, such as Gorky Park, Kolomenskoye, ENEA, etc. Over the last couple of years, they are so modernized that can rightly be called the cultural Mecca of the rest of the capital.

Parks sports exercise in the fresh air for everyone, yoga, free dance workshops for all ages, open lessons school skaters. Simulators under the open sky, running club, walking – all kinds of things. Boat rentals, skates, bikes, shop " Segway verleih, Smekalov, velomobiles, skateboards, etc. longbarrow area to play table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, skittles, football, chess.

Many games and activities require communication, though you don't have to take the initiative and ask someone to meet you- let it happen naturally and by itself.