Fabric flower

A surefire way to elegantly decorate a straw hat and turn the standard product from the store at exclusive – make a fabric flower and attach it to the lower part of the crown. Material can be nylon suitable tone. The best prototype of the future of jewelry - real, artificial or painted a flower that must be carefully considered and draw on paper a sketch: petals, sepals, if desired - a few leaves.

Next is to cut out all the elements of nylon and very carefully, quickly singe the edges of each blank with the matches – fabric flower will look natural. It is recommended to stick a needle in the eraser and chop it on the sepals and petals in the correct sequence, following the sketch, then stitch the parts together.

Braid for hat

The decoration for the straw hats look stylish and blend in with a hat can be woven from straws for flower decorative braid-accordion. Material for needlework – not creased, rye, wheat or oat stalks with cut kolentsi. The straw must be poured with boiling water and soak in water in a closed container during the day, then remove, and shake gently to flatten.

Two of the straw you need to make to one another at a right angle, to pin down the connection and bend the bottom of the stem upwards. Further there are consistent overlaps of stems in a ribbon-accordions to the desired length. If one element weaving over, on top of him fit a new one. The ends of the finished product should be trim and slightly stretch the tape. Now she can decorate a straw hat, tying the bottom of the crown. A basket attached fabric flower with a small pin.