1. Interface connection to the computer. And maybe the wireless?

Most often in the market you can find a wired mouse that are included in the computer's USB port, but there is also a mouse with a PS/2 connector (small round, with a few thin pins inside). When choosing between these two types it is necessary is banal to look at the presence of the above ports in your PC. The fundamental difference in these mice is not, however, necessary to remember that it is not necessary to include the mouse in the PS/2 port if the computer is (connecting a mouse should only be done off a computer).

Many make a choice in favor of wireless mouse, considering it more convenient and modern. Yes, conveniently when the Board is not expanded "extra" leads, but we must remember that the mouse often has a large mass compared to wired, because it is necessary to insert the batteries, so the hand holding a wireless mouse, it will be much faster to get tired. Another disadvantage of wireless mouse you know experienced gamers – oddly enough, the batteries or the batteries in the wireless mouse at the moment the most important quest;)

2. Mouse type

Relatively recently we were familiar with only one type of a computer mouse – mechanical, in which the ball passed on the information about moving the mouse on the Mat. Today, this mouse is an anachronism, and the modern mouse most often optical or laser. The mouse type is specified on the box, there you can find the information that allows the user to draw a conclusion about the usability of the mouse – on the surface what type of mouse you use. Laser mice, in contrast to the optical, can work even on glass surfaces and lacquered, polished etc.

We shouldn't forget about mouse sensitivity (indicated on the packaging in dots per inch (dpi)). The higher the number in the dpi, the greater the sensitivity of the mouse, that is, the accuracy of its work. This is an important setting for gamers and also for those involved in computer graphics.

3. Additional buttons

Most often we acquire cheap more or less a standard mouse, but there are real monsters with lots of extra buttons. These mice, individual buttons which can be programmed and which differ in high resolution, produced specifically for gamers and the price can reach several thousand roubles. It should be noted that mice for gameof available and manufacturers take into account not only the need for additional buttons to speed the interaction with the game, but for the sake of comfort and speed up the game such mice can have a variable geometry of the hull and weight.

Как выбрать мышь для компьютера или ноутбука

4. Other computer mouse

You can also find cheap mouse, differing only by its smaller size. Such mouse-baby is designed for laptops because the mouse to take, should not take up much space and its mass, if possible, should be minimal.

There are "massage" of the mouse, you pimply "skin"-the lining. They should acquire as a fun inexpensive gift. Also "gift" you should see the mouse in the form of cars, a toy mouse or other animal, soccer ball, etc. Wireless and wired mouse in funny buildings, you can find almost any holiday.

Как выбрать мышь для компьютера или ноутбука

So, what mouse is for computer to buy? Of course, this depends on the capabilities and desires of the user. Perhaps, except for the price and resolution of the mouse important its size and weight, because the convenience for continuous operation it is very important for health.