How to find double on social networks

The popularity of social networks among a huge number of people and the constant influx of new users daily to expand and update the database of photographs of millions of people. Therefore, the search for the twins through the social network used by many. The most popular service is "My double" In Contact. All that is required to find his double – upload your photo. The system quickly analyzes the data, compares them with millions of people on the planet, you will find "twins" and will provide all suitable for the specified query accounts. Surely, after seeing a few similar to people, few resist the desire to get to know them, and maybe even start a friendship. But it is everyone's business.

How to find double online for free

In addition to social networking to find a twin online offers many sites. It is important not to fall for "the trap", which can devastate your phone bill by requesting a registration by sending an SMS to a premium number. In fact, there are sites that offer to find a twin for free without sombre registrations, authorizations and SMS. Such resources have an enormous number of database images. You do not have to install any applications or additional software on your home computer. The twins search is conducted directly on the website.

To find double online, you must be photographed full-face and upload it to the site. High quality photos will increase the chances of a perfect result. After running an online search you will be asked to note the points finding the eye of the pupils in the portrait. The nerve center of the service breaks down into smaller fragments and analyzes a control point such as the nose, forehead, eyes, cheekbones, mouth, compares them with those found in the database and connects together. The result is striking: 10-15 minutes found at least 2-3 double.

How to find double star

The process of finding the twins is very exciting, indeed, among similar people, you will discover the resemblance to the popular movie, or a political pop star. In this case, the site should find the category of "entertainment and celebrity" and upload your photo. After a few minutes, the program will display a number of photos similar to you with the Hollywood stars, popular people in the world of politics or sport. These results not only increase self-esteem, but also can be a wonderful pastime for friends or gift for relatives.

Find the double photo is real important to remember that in the modern Internet community this service quite a long time and is guaranteed free of charge, without SMS and registration. If still on the site please send a message for a fee or for free room, it is likely that the search service of twins is illegal in money.