Those who have access to Fox broadcasting in Russia, no problem can watch all episodes of season 5 of "Game of thrones" on Mondays at 22.00. And then every day is a repeat of the series. Thus, on April 20, fans will see the 2 episode of "Game of thrones" season 5, S-05-E2. And then from 21 to 26 April will go to her snooze. April 27 — new series.
Except for FOX, which is included in your package many Federal networks, including wireless, Beeline and MTS, to watch the new series "Game of thrones" season 5 in a good professional Russian translation in Mediateka. The subscription is paid. The amount per month will be released at 499 rubles, and the series will last at least two months due to the time series. On the cable channel Imediately series didn't show it.
Well and for fans to run ahead of the official broadcasts is always the possibility to find on the Internet videos with bad voice acting or without it. We recommend not to hurry and to wait 2 months. All of these series will be possible with high probability to look at Amediateka HD, which is in the packages of many cable operators.