iPad is a tablet computer, which do the employees of Apple. Its power is supplied by a lithium battery. The tablet is equipped with different volume of RAM and space dedicated to store the user information.

Very often people coming to the store for iPads, you begin to experience serious difficulties in the choice. Not surprising: the different names of models of tablet computers from Apple are various specifications, knowing where you can make a wrong choice device.

iPad Air

There are two versions of the tablet PC: Air and Air 2. In this case the digit “2” means improvement in functionality compared with the previous version of the device. Indeed, the second version of the device is equipped with a large, compared to the first, storage space for user data. If you feel the need to store large amounts of information, buy a modification called ipad Air 2.

Displays the two compared devices are not too different, but the device, the name of which is f, has an anti-glare coating.

If you're a fan of photography, the iPad air 2 is for you: the manufacturer has equipped this model of a camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels. And what the camera is installed on ipad air, you ask? Only 5 megapixels. Despite the fact that “Apple” Corporation is known for its quality, the difference in resolution matrices for experienced photographers may be visible to the naked eye.

Air 2 has one more feature which will undoubtedly be appreciated by paranoid security is Touch ID.

What is this function? You don't need to remember the password on the device - you can unlock your ipad air 2 with the fingerprint of your finger. And I must say that it is the strong password that cannot be stolen or somehow faked.

Manufacturers strive to ensure that modern devices make as thin as possible and not losing in functionality, comfort and usability. iPad Air 2 has succeeded in this - the thickness of the device is only 6.1 mm, yielding nearly 1.5 mm model tablet version which is not present two. In our time, when device developers are chasing tenths of a millimeter, the gain at 1.5 mm are very significant.

The presence or absence of the number “2” in the name of the tablet PC may not tell an inexperienced user. A comparison of the models guarantee that you will be understood the difference in the technical performance of the devices.

iPad mini

The model name of the device indicates its small size. Really like the width and length of the mini is reduced, but its thickness is the same as that of the Air.

If to compare different versions of the model mini air, you can see a very significant improvement. We are talking about the number of pixels in 1 inch of screen space. This parameter affects the sharpness of the image. The more pixels in one inch, the sharper and contrast image a user will see.

The figure is 326 pixels per 1 inch ipad mini 3 and 2. As for the “miniature” version of the iPad without the numbers, it different those numbers are down very significantly: only 163 pixels per 1 inch simple mini-model of the iPad. It is necessary to consider the purchase, and to realize that purchasing the ipad mini might warrant a reduced picture clarity in comparison to your wishes.

All miniature fans would be surprised to know that the mini 3 has the Touch ID functionality. Please note: this is the only model of the iPad mini, which the manufacturer has given this improvement in terms of security.

Otherwise, among the smallest devices all the same: front camera with a matrix resolution of which is 1.2 megapixels. The same front camera is present in the iPad Air. The ability to recognize individuals also all have iPads. The manufacturer has supplied them even with the light sensor which is located on the rear panel.

The power device is directly proportional to the number contained in its model name. The higher the number, the more powerful device. The coolest processor the ipad mini 3. If you purchase a tablet computer for performance, it is the third version of the “mini” should be your favorite.

General characteristics

Despite the fact that each individual model of the ipad, there are some General characteristics that are inherent in any model of tablet computer from Apple.

All your devices manufacturer is supplied with a display diagonal of which is 9.7 inches. In addition, Apple was put on monitors iPads oleophobic coating that is resistant to fingerprints. The matrix display is built on IPS technology and has a LED backlight.

In the field of multimedia, the device boasts a front camera with a resolution of 1.2 megapixels, and this camera is present in all iPads. In addition, it is possible to shoot video in HD format.

No need to talk about the concept of autofocus, as nowadays it is very difficult to find a tablet computer or mobile phone with a camera, which would not possess such functionality. Nevertheless it is pleasant to notice that such a possibility exists in all the tablets. In addition, there is a lens consisting of 5 lens, hybrid infrared filter, and the ability to do HDR photography. All this, and the ability to do a panoramic shot on most phones raises the level multimedia possibilities of the ipad air and mini to an unattainable height.

The light sensor is present in all tablets, and it is located on the rear panel.

As a result

Compare ipad air and mini are very useful since you can identify all the features that the manufacturer has given the device some and ignored others. So, coming to the store, you already know exactly what you want to buy, and are sure your money will be well spent, namely on the device that I would like to have.