Today's popular ergo-backpacks ensure the physiological posture of the baby. Special carrier perfectly distributes the weight a little "passenger", so the load on the baby's spine no, the back of the product not hard, but soft. To carry kids in the ergo-backpacks recommended 3-4 months. Fixtures not only give parents freedom of movement, but also help to take care of the health of the child.

In the ergo-backpack baby takes the same position that he had sitting on the arms of my mother. Pose of "frog" suggests a breeding legs, so the baby feels no discomfort. This situation is also for the prevention of hip dysplasia. Choosing baby device, modern parents give their children the best of everything.

As to wear baby in the ergo-backpack?

Manufacturers offer a wide range of of such pet, so moms and dads today can purchase ergonomic backpacks for boy or girl, twins, winter or summer. Inside the backpack kid little body is pressed against an adult, so he can feel the warmth and closeness of a loved one. Unlike backpacks, baby carriers, ergonomic products positively affects the child's posture.

Ergo-backpacks common with traditional slings because they can breastfeed the baby. For this you only need to find a good position. At the same time to hide from the eyes of others will not only by the backpack, you can cover yourself with a scarf or jacket.

Ergonomic or anatomical provide carrying convenience and a baby, and mom. In the backpack, to ensure the physiological posture of the child, carry the baby easily. When walking the baby as close to mom so she can monitor his condition to improve care to remove your hat. The baby's legs are pressed to the body of an adult, while driving they will not interfere.

Choose ergo backpack

When choosing an ergonomic backpack is important to consider the composition and colors of the fabric. Ideally, this should be natural, wear-resistant materials to the carrier it was possible without fear to erase. The colors should be pleasing to the eye and not too bright, so as not to cause irritation. Check for loose fasteners.

Most of this ergonomic backpacks are designed for children older than 4 months, but you can find models for infants from 1.5 months. It is important to choose the right weight carrying crumbs to the inside of the backpack the kid was sitting right. The first sign that the product is not fit – pleat at the back. It is better to take model which allows to adapt to the child by loosening or tightening the straps on the back, in the area of the legs.

To find the best backpack can be used for boy or girl up to 20 kg. When you buy a ergo backpack carrier, it is desirable to try in the store. Judging by the reviews of satisfied parents, most moms and dads like the model with wide straps – they don't cut in your shoulders, do not irritate the skin, the lower back is not strained.

Very popular anatomical backpacks with special pads – when the child begins to erupt teeth, he will be able to use such devices. Of course, the linings are removable and easy to wash. There are models with headrests for the kids who still do not hold the head.

Conveniently, when the backpack many compartments for storage of wallet, pacifiers, bottles, scarf. For windy weather and cold weather, a good choice would be ergo-backpacks with hoods. They will protect the baby from draughts, cold air. Some have an additional carry bags for the legs of the child.

All the benefits of ergo-backpacks:

  • Ensure the physiological posture of the child;
  • Concern for the safety of the baby;
  • Mobility for parents;
  • Easy operation – does not require any instructions and training;
  • The possibility of feeding your baby breast in horizontal and vertical position;
  • Wide range of models;
  • The availability of additional accessories and light weight backpack.

Practical, convenient, physiological ergo backpack will be the best gift for mom and baby! This is a healthy and simple way to carry baby during the journey, while shopping or walking.