In this case the simplest solution is the manual deletion of the records pertaining to this program from the Windows registry. The first step of this procedure to launch the wizard uninstalling - clicking, right-click "My computer" select the context menu item "add or remove programs. The same can be done via the control panel - it is located in the menu on the "start"button.
A few seconds (sometimes a few tens of seconds) it will take to have this utility on compiling a list of the installed software. When this is done, simply turn off this window in the future it will need as a reference for comparison against the registry.
The rest of the work will take place in the Windows registry editor - run it. This can be done by right-clicking "My computer" and selecting the context menu item "registry Editor". And using the run dialog programs hit the CTRL + R, type "regedit" (without the quotes) and press Enter.
With any editing the registry be sure to make backup copies of its current status - open the menu "File" and click "Export". Opens the save file dialog - save a backup copy with a name that contains today's date. It will be easier to find him if I have to restore the registry.
Then, sequentially opening branches in the left pane of the editor, navigate to the Uninstall section. Your itinerary should be as follows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SOFTWARE => Microsoft => Windows => CurrentVersion => Uninstall
Now you will need a folded to tray master uninstall - expand it, find the name of the deleted program and look similar to this name, the key deployed in the Uninstall section of the registry editor. In the left pane must contain the name, is not exactly repeating the name in the wizard, the uninstallation, but similar. Finding something like that - open it and click DispiayName. It is from this setting, the Windows Uninstaller takes the names of programs, compiling your list, so the name must match. If not - look for another similar key and check the contents of his DispiayName with the name specified in the list in the wizard uninstalling.
When a match is found - remove the key in the Windows registry. Please note – it is necessary to remove not only the parameter DispiayName, but this entire registry key. Close the list of parameters key, click the right mouse button and from the context menu, select Delete.
Close the wizard, the uninstallation and re-open it again, so it updated the list of installed programs, and you can see that the deleted program is no longer among the applications installed.