So, to start buying on "Aliexpress", it is necessary to go through several stages from check-in to receive the parcel. Here is the detailed plan of our actions:

  • Registration for "Aliexpress".
  • Search of the right product and the right seller.
  • The order is "Aliexpress".
  • Payment.
  • Receiving parcels "Aliexpress".
  • The debate on "Aliexpress".

Registration for "Aliexpress"

To register in order to get them on Aliexpress" product, is in principle not necessary but desirable. It is much safer, more reliable, more convenient. Moreover, in order to check on "Aliexpress" will need only your e-mail.

First, click the "Register" button, you will open a form with the fields that you must fill it in Latin. Buyers on the site there are retail and wholesalers. Wholesalers buying for resale. If you are a wholesale buyer, then in the "Which best describes the" stamp "End Consumer", which means "the end customer".

Next, fill out all fields, including the captcha then click "Create My Account" and go to the post office for confirmation of account. After clicking on the link, you can get them on Aliexpress" favorite things.

After the registration process is "Aliexpress" is finished and the account is confirmed, you should fill out your shipping address in the profile.

Product selection for "Aliexpress"

The beginner it is quite difficult to navigate in the choice of goods to buy for "Aliexpress". Let's start with a list of suggestions. Their great multitude, and because sorting is a need. Choose free shipping to Russia, then cut off the wholesalers (if you need the product at retail)

Then you can sort either by rating or by price. Some pay attention to the number of sold goods reviews, which you can navigate too. By the way, in the product description there is a link to the reviews – the Feedback.

How to order on "Aliexpress" product

Once the product is selected, it remains to be put into the basket, pay and enjoy. Here there is another small but important caveat: the choice of color. After all, for example, a man would not order a pink phone case. In some orders, this point is ignored and you only click on the box the desired color. If this option is not present, then in the order comments, be sure in English, you need to specify required.

Here, you select the delivery method.

  • Free shipping - Free shipping
  • Delivery time - Delivery Time
  • Processing time - Processing Time

Next click the "Place Order", check the order again and proceed to payment. By the way, note that it is possible and to wait. You can see another product, communicate with the seller. Time for reflection is also necessary to specify, usually up to 24 hours.

How to pay orders "Aliexpress"

Payment on "Aliexpress" implies multiple options. For Russia, the acceptable cards Mastercard, VISA and Maestro, as well as Yandex Money, Webmoney, QIWI.

Proceed to payment by clicking "Play Now". To drive the data card is not difficult. After payment confirmation – waiting. 24 hours can it take to check the payment. Do not worry if the money deducted, and the order listed until paid for.

How to track a parcel "Aliexpress"

First, the seller must order to process, package and send. After the allotted time for it (and often even before) you get a notification and a tracking number to track the parcel. The timer starts counting down the days Delivery Time.

Before getting a parcel to Russia takes a long time. But a week before the end of the term "Aliexpress" will send a notification that you need to either obtain a package, or to open a debate. This moment is important, and that is why it is necessary to specify a real email address and check it out.

If the period expires and the parcel yet, the term protection order should be renewed. To do this in the personal office click Request to Extend Delivery Date and otpaivaem seller: Prolong delivery time, please. Often extend up to two weeks. If upon the expiration of parcel no, again, write again.

If you never received the parcel, and the period has long expired, open a dispute.

What is the debate on "Aliexpress"

It is neither more nor less than a solution to a dispute. A debate is opened:

  • BEFORE the expiration of the term of protection, if the parcel did not arrive.
  • When you receive another product.
  • Upon receipt of faulty goods.

Russian Post

Purchase with free shipping arrive in the Mail to Russia. When receiving the notice (or without it, but the track number) you go with your passport to the post office and get the parcel.