Decide what city you want to go for shopping. Plus a visit to Beijing that, except for the purchase of various goods, you can visit numerous historic sights, which are absent in the newly built cities. In addition, flights to this city from Moscow will be cheaper due to the large number of flights. At the same time, the inhabitants of the Far East and Eastern Siberia will be more convenient to reach by train or by bus to the Chinese border cities. There is no need to use your knowledge of foreign languages - a significant part of the local shopping malls are equipped with signs in Russian, and even sellers will be able to explain to you by using a minimal set of words.
Think about how you will reach China. You can purchase at a travel Agency so-called shopping tour, during which you will be assigned a special guide on shopping. There is also the possibility to organize the trip yourself, but you will bear the responsibility of obtaining a visa.
Visit the state stores, which in China are called Friendship Stores. The prices are usually slightly higher than in the markets, but it kompensiruet significantly fewer fakes in the variety of goods.
Go on the various local markets and shopping streets. Plus, this trade places that you will have the opportunity to bargain. This is a good opportunity to buy cheap Souvenirs made from pearls, enamel and porcelain.
Bring silk from the region, known for its textile production - from Suzhou and Beijing. The fabric rolls it is best to buy at local factories.
When buying Antiques, make sure that the product has a special certificate. If the appropriate paper is not, then you can travel abroad with this purchase. It can also mean that the Antiques are actually forged.
Be careful when buying electronics and other technological devices. Best place to buy them is shopping malls in Hong Kong. You should not when buying such items to appeal to the market.