You will need
  • - electronic purse Webmoney, Qiwi, "Yandex-money", credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard or Maestro payments via the Internet;
  • - permanent access to the Internet;
  • program for tracking parcels;
  • - online translator or a good knowledge of the English language.
Check on Aliexpress

Before you make a purchase, you need to create a personal account. On the home page in the upper right corner look for the "Registration" and in the drop-down menu, select "Register".
Check on Aliexpress
On the opened page, enter the email address, your name in English (name and surname enter in the Name field). Create a password of 6 characters or more confirm it, and in the box enter code from the image (captcha). Click on the "Create Your profile".

If registration is successful, the specified email will receive a letter with confirmation. That is why the email address must be real - then it will receive the notification about updating the status of the order and about new messages sellers.

Again open the home page and in the upper right corner find the link "My Aliexpress". Clicking on it, you will be in a private office where you need to fill in your profile.
Click Edit Profile in the upper left corner.
On the opened page, select the Edit Member Profile.
Here should be the most current information about you: surname, name, patronymic name, full mailing address, telephone number, e-mail. In the new account, of course, all this is not. Click on Edit at the bottom of the page and start to fill contact details.

Rules of writing':
- all write in English;
- fill in all fields marked with an asterisk;
- use the rules of transliteration, no need to translate the names in English (street - ul., and not str. home - d., not h., apartments - kv., and not app. Selo - selo, and not a village, etc.);
the patronymic writing is desirable, because the Chinese vendors say that the Mail of Russia demands it.

If you have filled everything in, double check again and confirm. If successful you will see the phrase "You have successfully submitted your Member Profile!" Now you can do the actual shopping.
Check to see whether the address for purchases. Go to your personal account ("My Aliexpress"), open the Operations tab and in the drop down menu click on "shipping Address". If in the box, no requisites, click Add and add the address on the same principle as in the step above.
The choice of goods on Aliexpress

Go back to the main page "Aliexpress". To search for a product in two ways: through a search string and using the drop-down menu with categories. Even if you choose the second option, when you click on the category that interests you, you will still be redirected to the search page, but the selection is already limited to a preset filter.
Rules search:

- all keywords must be in English;
- do not use more than three or four words;
- to exclude unwanted items, use a minus sign in front of keywords (for example, type in "russian original unlocked phone-refurbished", and the search will give only branded phones with the Russian interface, which were not restored);
- use the search filters: free shipping, top-rated piece only sale, the seller online;
- sort by number of orders (Orders), the optimal offer (the best choice), price, seller rating, newness.
How to choose the product on Aliexpress is correct and not to lose

1. To get what you see in the picture, and not pay for it, be sure to compare similar offers from different sellers. Buy only from those seller who have 97-100% positive feedback, and be sure to go to the store page and click the Feedback tab.

2. Inspect the properties of product: the materials, sizes, technical options, and so on.

3. Definitely email the seller to see how quickly he solves the problems, and find out whether there is a suitable product. For communication quite a small knowledge in English with the support of the online translator.

4. Put the product to the cart, but not pay for the purchase until the seller confirms the presence of the relevant position.
How to pay for the goods

Checkout. Go to your cart, check the final cost of the product and click "Order from this seller". At this stage you can change the address, send the seller important, in your opinion, comments and to use the coupon.
Payment. In the second stage of the order confirmation you actually make the payment. Select the currency the payment method, enter card details or e-wallet and click "Pay my order".
If the funds on the card or the wallet was enough, the system will confirm the successful completion of the transaction, but "Ali" it will take about 24 hours to check the payment and receive confirmation from your Bank. During this time you can discuss with the seller the remaining issues. After checking the order status will change to "Awaiting shipment" ("pending upload"). From this point on all depends on the speed of order processing by the seller. Conscientious sellers send the package the next day, those who have no goods in stock, can send within a week or two, but you should all be discussed beforehand.
How to track parcel

If the order status has changed from "awaiting shipment" to "awaiting confirmation" means that the seller sent the package and gave Tecnomar - unique identification code of the parcel on which it is possible to track its movement.

Now, many sellers save on shipping and provide track number, especially if the item costs less than $ 10. In addition, delivery services in China, a lot, some are tracked only by the country of export and country of import is already bistream. To see the number on the order page by clicking on the link "View data".