You can track the parcel Intime for the room using the official website of the company - Enter in the top field on the page the 10-digit number of your return (for example, 1725001158), and you will receive detailed information about the current status of your shipment. In the same way work and other similar websites, for example, or
If you can't remember the number of the cargo Declaration or did not receive it, contact the transport company Intime by calling the local branch (number can be found on the website of the organization). Please provide your name and passport details, as well as the time and date of issuance of the order, destination of delivery. The operator will ask you to wait a while, and then will report your 10-digit tracking code that will allow you to track the shipment Intime for the number of the Declaration.
If the cargo is particularly valuable, to modify or Refine the data of your order (including tracking numbers), you may need a personal visit to a customer of one of the offices of the cargo companies. In this case you will need to specify the value of the parcel, giving complete information about its contents. In case of exceeding the estimated cost of shipping two hundred hryvnias staff offices are required to inspect the contents of the parcel. After that there is a standard verification of personal data of customer, surname, name, patronymic, name of organization-recipient's phone number. In the presence of a previously received warranty card on delivery the client is obliged to provide his employees of the organization. After that, the customer can make the necessary (but it is allowed by the contract) changes in the order of delivery, request the tracking number or ask about the current status of delivery of the company's employees Intime directly.