Use a free extension for browsers called SaveFrom to download music with Classmates on computer for free. Install it. Restart the browser and navigate to the Classmates page with the music you want to download. Hover over any of the tracks, and you will see the button for downloading, as well as information on the quality and size of recording. This extension allows you to download music and videos from other websites, such as Vkontakte, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
You can download music with Classmates on computer for free through OK saving audio. To find and install should be on the website with extensions (Extensions) for your browser. The principle of its operation is reminiscent of SaveFrom. Just navigate to the desired track in the social network and press the green arrow button to start the download a musical composition to a computer.
Another high-quality extension that is appropriate for music downloads in the UK and operating in almost all browsers, is OkTools. This is a set of useful tools for the social network, one of the main functions of which is easy to download your favorite music to your hard drive.
Advanced PC users can try to download music with Classmates on a computer without using any software or extension. To do this, simply open the music player in the social network, but it does not start songs. Click the right mouse button in any area of the page and select "inspect element". In the opened console code page click the Network tab.
Next, start the song you need to download and take a look at how things have changed the data in the browser console. Find column Type with value audio/mpeg. Click on the url of the file, right-click in the left column and select Open link in new tab. Immediately after this starts the download of the track on the computer, or a menu will appear with the option of choosing this feature (depend on your browser settings).