You will need
  • - blender
  • bananas 3 PC.
  • kiwi 2 PCs
  • cream 250 ml.
  • - cocoa 3 tbsp.
  • - cinnamon (a pinch)
  • - ground nutmeg (a pinch)
  • - carrots 1 PC.
  • Apple green Granny Smith varieties 1 PC.
  • - orange 1 PC.
  • - orange juice 300 ml.
  • - muesli 3 tbsp.
  • - pear 1 piece
  • - strawberries 10 berries
  • - 10 blueberries berries
  • vanillin
Chocolate mood. Peel the banana, cut into pieces and easy podmorozit in the fridge. Mix in a blender the banana, cream and cocoa. Add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg and mix again.
The taste of summer. Grate peeled carrots and a green Apple. Peel the orange (or Mandarin) peeled, cut into small pieces. Mix all in blender until mushy state, add orange juice and mix again.
Yogurt is a snag. Peel the banana and kiwi fruit, cut them into small pieces, add to blender, add cream and stir. Sour kiwi creates the feeling that you're drinking yogurt.
The use of cereals. Blend chopped pear, banana, cream and 3 tablespoons of muesli. Instead of granola you can use bystrorastvorimami cereal. To do this, they must be crushed to a fine powder.
Berry kiss. Defrost the blueberries and strawberries, mash berries with a spoon until puree. Add a pinch of vanilla and mix in a blender with milk or cream.