How to make tartlets

To prepare the tartlets can be as separate from the filling and along with it, and to the table they are served both cold and hot. Most of the toppings are laid out in ready-made baskets. Tarts are baked from puff, shortcrust, choux pastry sometimes. Delicious baskets of cheese.

The dough recipe for the tartlets is relatively simple: 200 grams of butter (a pack), a couple cups of flour and a little salt. Water should be added so that the dough was quite dense and does not stick to hands.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare the tartlets and fill them:

  1. With the dough for the tartlets will work much easier if the hour and a half to give him the opportunity to lie down in the fridge.
  2. To the bottom of the basket when the baking is left smooth and flat, you need to press down with dry beans or other weights a disk of dough in the mold.
  3. You shouldn't regret stuffing, filling her baskets. More than filling, the tastier the dish.
  4. If the filling for the tartlets is dry, you should lubricate baskets sauce inside.
  5. Taste tartlets, its tenderness depends on the size of the chopped pieces for the topping. Well chopped the filling is much tastier. The exception, perhaps, make the shrimp, they are the same baskets and decorate.
  6. Large baskets is better to fill simple salads, pies, fruit and sweet fillings. In the little tartlets you can put an expensive fish, caviar, foie Gras, or something sharp.

If there is no time or desire oven baskets themselves, you can buy a ready, and to make only the filling.

Tartlets with caviar

When placing the holiday table are often the question arises how to make red caviar. Tartlets – a very good decision.

Filling 10 to 12 tartlets we need butter, about half a pack, 2 eggs, hard boiled (only need the whites), a tablespoon of lemon juice, the eggs and parsley.

Proteins separated from the yolks and RUB on a small or medium grater. Butter should be slightly freeze, and also wipe. Add the oil, lemon juice, quickly mix it with protein. Finished tamping the mixture is spread on the tartlets, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and spread on top caviar.

Tartlets with prawns and red caviar

To cook 15 tartlets this recipe, we need:

- 150 g mozzarella

- 5 eggs

- half of bell peppers

- a clove of garlic

- 300 g pickled shrimp

- caviar

- green

- mayonnaise

1. Finely chop shrimp.

2. The three cheese on a grater.

3. Boil the eggs, chop the whites, grate on a grater yolks.

4. Sweet pepper peel and finely chop.

5. Garlic finely chop.

6. All components are carefully mix, season with mayonnaise, spread on the tartlets. Sprinkle top of mashed yolks, decorate with sprigs of greenery, to lay eggs.

Tartlets with cheese and salmon

Baskets with the stuffing prepared very quickly and simply. The tartlet spread of mouth-watering cream cheese, sprinkle with finely chopped greens, add to this a thin slice of lemon on top decorate with rosettes of salmon.

If cream cheese were not available, it is possible to replace it with a slightly melted softened butter of good quality.

Preparing the filling for the tartlets is really a creative process. Experiment with fillings, try different options. And don't forget the tarts can be not only exquisite, festive table decoration, but also useful daily snack.