Prepare the hair to the haircut. If the head is too dirty, then wash it. Otherwise, it is sufficient to wet hair spray and a good comb.
Select the occipital, parietal and temporal areas. Secure the hair with clips.
Separate the top strand of approximately 1.5 by 1.5 cm, acesite it up perpendicular to the head and cut at the level that you need. It will control the lock, it then will catch up with the rest of the hair. You can take the lock not on top, and the parietal zone, then the configuration of the haircut will turn out a little different.
Cut the hair of the occipital area. Separating horizontal partings small clumps, pull them up to the control and cut on her level. Treat all hair the nape. The result should be that the top hair will be shorter than the lower.
Cut the hair parietal area. There are several options of haircut. You can cut your hair, focusing on the length of the control strands and the length of the preceding (the method of creating hair of equal length). In the second case, the result will be that the hair faces are short. Whichever treatment option you choose, you need to move from the neck to the forehead and separate the strands by horizontal partings.
Treat hair in the temporal areas. Separating horizontal partings in the hair at the temples otkazyvaya them up and shear at the level of the front strands.
Make, if necessary, Bang. Comb out all the hair several times, removing the extra hairs that spoil the haircut. If your hair is thin, you can handle the grooming thinning shears to get extra volume.