Registration on Facebook

To register on Facebook is a snap, this process is completely free. The first step is to go to the main page of the site from any Internet browser. Pay attention to the language of the site. If for some reason did not open the Russian version, that's a matter easily remedied. The website rusifitsiruetsya as soon as you will click on the link "Russian" at the bottom of the page.

On the main page, open the registration window, which is easy to fill out, putting your data. The accuracy of the data will not check, but I would like to note that even popular people are registered on Facebook under his own, and not an assumed name. The specified e-mail should be working, its address and will serve as the username to log on to the website, and that this e-mail will receive a letter to confirm your registration.

Once all the data are listed, you must create a password containing numbers letters, both lowercase and uppercase. You should not rely on your memory – be sure to record the password. Then click on the green button "Register".

On the registration on Facebook does not end here. The following window appears where you are prompted for the password to the e-mail to find friends already registered on the social network. If there is no time or desire to do so, it is possible to give a simple push of a link "Skip this step".

However, have to confirm their intentions to postpone the friends, clicking "Skip" when Facebook will begin to aggressively promote their recommendations. Also the Skip button can be pressed and in the next two steps where you will be prompted to specify the hometown, educational institution: school, College and even a current employer. It should be noted that all can be found fairly quickly, as indicated all employers and educational institutions.

Next, you will prompted to upload to your photo account. If the photo is in the computer's disk, you can download and install it from there, if not, then it is easy to make photo with webcam. If there is no desire yet to commit these actions, then again pressed the "Skip"link.

The last stage of registration on Facebook is a confirmation of this action with the e-mail indicated in the registration window. Go to the post office, we find a letter, go through the link from this.

After the link done, a window appears with the message on successful confirmation of account registration. Further, it is possible to perform the actions for which registration was accomplished: finding and inviting friends, communication. The page can be edited, uploading photos, sharing videos, links from other sites, assign activities, organize group. So registering in Facebook, you can promote your business or business partners.

Registration on Facebook is feasible and without the number of your mobile phone. But if suddenly for any reasons will lose access to the page, then use this number to recover your account will be much easier. So it is better not to neglect the opportunity. Enter the mobile number in the profile section, where indicated contact information. On your phone in this case you will receive a text message with a verification code, using which you need to confirm mobile number. It is clear that not everyone has the desire to make it available to all visitors to your page, in this case, will setting the visibility of a mobile phone "Just me".

Sign in Facebook My page

Only after registration in the social network Facebook as your page (My page) becomes available to you. To get there, go to the main page enter in the appropriate boxes e-mail (it is also the login site) and password. Press the "Enter"button.

If it so happened that the password is lost or forgotten, it is easy to recover by pressing the link "Forgot password?" which is located underneath the "Password". Then act on instructions.

If you visit Facebook from a home computer, and with the constant introduction of e-mail and password you have irritation, then this can be eliminated by setting a tick next to "do Not log out". It can be found under the line to enter the e-mail or phone. By performing this simple action you will get into your account immediately.