You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - e-mail.
To register on Facebook go to the home page of this site In the right part of the opened page you will see the registration form. It is necessary to fill in the following fields: first and last name; your email address; password; gender; date of birth.
How to register in Facebook
It is advisable to specify the real name and surname to your friends and contacts find you on the website. Email address must be valid, otherwise you will not be able to confirm the registration. To avoid having to enter the email address you a second time, you can just copy. If you do not have e-mail addresses, you should pre-register for any mail service (,, etc.).
Enter the password. It needs to be memorable for you, but at the same time complex enough to protect your account from hacking. Password length must be at least 6 characters. Fill in all the fields, click "Register" at the bottom of the registration form.
On the next page you will be prompted to find your friends on Facebook you use e-mail. To do this, enter the password from your e-mail used for registration. Facebook will not store this password. But if you have no desire to make friends or do you want to do it later in the lower right corner of the page, click "Skip this step".
How to register in Facebook
If you clicked "Skip this step" opens the window "Find your friends". Click "Skip". If you change your mind, click "find friends."
How to register in Facebook
In step "Personal information" complete the profile information. You can specify your name and surname in Russian and English language, city of residence, the University and the employer to be able to find your colleagues, classmates and fellow students. After entering personal data, click "Save and continue". If you don't want to fill out your profile or planning to do it later, click "Skip".
How to register in Facebook
On the next page you will be prompted to choose interesting for you page. By default, the selected page is "Facebook Russia". If you have something selected, click the "Save and continue". To skip this step, click "Skip".
How to register in Facebook
Set a photo for your profile by downloading it from the computer or by the web camera. Need photography for your additional identification: namesakes and namesakes a lot, but in photos you can easily learn. When you upload a file with his picture, please note that its size should not exceed 4 MB. Uploading a photo, click on the "Save and continue". If you want to do this later, click "Skip".
How to register in Facebook
To start using Facebook, you need to confirm your registration. Go to specified e-mail. To enter it press the button at the top of your custom page "Enter your email address".
How to register in Facebook
Go to your Inbox. Open letter from Facebook "the Last stage of registration on Facebook". If you do not find the email in your Inbox, check your spam folder, in some cases, emails from social networks get into it. To complete the registration process, click the confirmation link provided in the email or click the "Confirm registration".
How to register in Facebook
You will be redirected to your Facebook page. The registration process is finished. You can now proceed to the account settings and privacy features find friends, play games or use applications.