Our body is chief medical officer. After all, with different desires and symptoms he is able to show what exactly is missing for a harmonized and accurate operation of all processes in the human system. But to decipher the pulses it is not so easy. Not to be contemptuous of the urge to eat something unusual or unfamiliar. Because such desires are considered to be signals of deficiencies.

The desire to eat something

  • The desire to eat sour means a lack of vitamin C or magnesium deficiency. The highest concentration of this vitamin is available in laimach, lemons, currants, rose hips, cranberries and strawberries. And if to choose among vegetables, the undoubted leader in vitamin C content, it becomes Brussels sprouts.
  • If you want sweet, then that means not enough glucose. To help the body to get enough, you can use different fruits and berries. Also good idea to eat honey or sweet vegetables.
  • Love the salt speaks of the lack of chlorides in the body. To compensate for the deficiency, you should eat fish and unrefined sea salt. But if possible, it can be consumed unboiled goat's milk.
  • If you want a liquid meal, such as different soups, then this means that the body lacks water. It should be noted that useful water is a liquid without any impurities. Also water can be attributed to green tea.
  • Love soda says about the lack of calcium in the body. To compensate for the deficiency by using dairy products and legumes.
  • The desire to eat fatty foods also tells about the calcium deficiency.
  • If there is a desire to drink cold liquid then you need to start to instill a love of various nuts and blueberries. After all, it means that the body revealed a lack of manganese.
  • Habit in the evenings to drink tea says that the day the body could not get enough carbohydrates.
  • Well, if you want solid food, it is one of the symptoms of dehydration. The body is not aware of how not enough water. To fill the need to drink daily 10 glasses of liquid.

Table that do not have enough vitamins in their desires

каких не хватает витаминов