To obtain official confirmation of the borrower's income specified in the certificate 2-pit, banks can not. Those who once requested information to the tax knows that the receipt is not a day. To the processing of appeals takes a minimum of 5 working days. The loan application will be treated in a shorter period of time, sometimes within a few hours. It is clear that such terms apply to the tax for the validation of the reference 2-pit impossible.
Moreover, any tax information provided on the basis of written requests and, upon presentation of the documents confirming powers of representatives. Even close relatives do not provide information on personal income tax without submission of a notarized power of attorney on representation of interests. Not to mention the banks to which the prospective borrower such a right does not. Moreover, data on income represent a tax secret and to disclose the tax authorities have no right.
The banks often ask for help 2-NDFL for last six months. And the employer shall deliver the report on the withheld and listed only the personal income tax for the year. Up to this point the tax is no information for whom it remitted tax. They are transferred as a single payment without specifying the name of the taxpayer.
Confirm the reality of income which is specified in the certificate 2-pit, can extract from the personal account to the pension Fund. The fact that the employer, once a quarter delivers reports to the FIU on the amount of salary and made contributions to the Fund. But again, it can only get directly to the borrower providing a passport. Banks this information is not available, but they strongly insist on the need to ensure access to the databases of the FIU that would allow them to improve the credit portfolio and facilitate risk assessment. Some banks even require proof of help 2-pit statement from the pension Fund, but it is not yet widespread.
Therefore, banks have to check 2-NDFL on circumstantial evidence. In particular, they look at the correctness of its filling, as well as gather information about the company, assess its stability and success. They also have the opportunity to look at the financial statements of the company, which it provides to Rosstat. The said salary certificate should match industry average, with a significant discrepancy in the loan will be denied. Bank employees often call the accounting Department with additional questions and can even visit the company's office.