You can give the child a choice. Let him decide when to eat, now or later. The pledge of appetite – a person takes food as soon as they begin to feel hunger. You yourself sit down at the table, begin to eat with pleasure, and the child, seeing this, decides to eat him or not. You may recall that the choice for him, but in addition to him no cover will be. The kid himself decide whether he is eating, and how much to eat.

It is important to know and remember that the child needs to follow his own hunger, and not to obey your view about it.

Completely wrong theory that the only option of a healthy diet – eat three times a day. Perhaps the child will be much more comfortable to eat a couple of times healthy food: nuts, cheese, vegetables.

There are little tricks that can be applied with the aim of increasing appetite. Offer the child half an hour before eating grated Apple, which causes the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite. For this purpose, suitable and whole apples, and cranberries, and lingonberries.

Perseverance you still will not achieve anything, and so the child will self-resolve issues. When you force will force the child something to eat, he can abandon this product forever. Resistance is directly proportional to persistence.