Spaghetti can be called a classic of Italian cuisine. However, this pasta is very popular in different parts of the world, because its preparation process is simple and quick. The perfect balance of taste, fullness and simplicity has allowed the paste to acquire a truly iconic status.

In Italy, pasta is served as a separate dish, not a side dish to meat or vegetables. The only "decoration" may be the sauce. The Italians believe that the right sauce for spaghetti is much more important than the paste. It can be absolutely anything that gives you the opportunity to make the most daring experiments in the kitchen every time I make a new sauce.

Spaghetti perfectly in tune with vegetable, mushroom, meat, cheese, fish and even fruit sauce. Connoisseurs of Italian food claim that there are more than 10 thousand varieties of spaghetti sauces. However, perfect tandem, this pasta is with tomato sauce. It is desirable that it was home-made from ripe fresh fruit and complemented by savory spices. It is considered as the homeland of spaghetti, where each province and often each family has its own special recipe sauce.

If you don't have time for culinary exploits, come to the aid of supermarkets, which offer a Grand variety of tomato sauces. Sweet and spicy, sour and sweet and sour, mild and spicy. However, not any tomato sauce that would go perfectly with spaghetti.

The classic version of the sauce, composed of tomatoes and "primitive" spices in the form of garlic onions and black pepper, out of competition. However, it perfectly accentuates the taste of any toothpaste.

If you want to move away from the classics of the genre and make the taste of a favorite food even more vivid, select a salsa. Its membership usually consists of pureed tomatoes, the Bulgarian pepper, a little oregano or Basil and balsamic vinegar and olive oil. This is a moderately spicy sauce, wonderful shading the taste of spaghetti.

With the addition of sour-spicy sauce Satsebeli in its taste will win, probably any dish. Spaghetti is no exception. Lovers food go for the gusto you should choose a tomato sauce with chilli or legendary Tabasco. Sweet ripe tomatoes, connecting with chilli, give rise to a truly unique taste.

The perfect "companion" to become spaghetti Bolognese. Rich, tomato and meat - so you can describe this sauce. Its composition includes tomatoes, beef, pork, carrots, celery, thyme and other spices.

Tomato sauce with Basil or olives would also be a worthy addition to spaghetti. It will give the dish a pronounced Italian accent.

Gourmets should choose a tomato sauce with ricotta cheese. This combination of ingredients was appreciated by myself Jamie Oliver. This sauce has a subtle sweet flavor. The best option is to spread it on steaming spaghetti. If a gastronomic orgasm does exist, then you are sure to be tested! Something similar can give tomato sauce with creamy mascarpone cheese.

Tomato sauce with mushrooms can easily turn spaghetti into a delicious dish that will not be ashamed to apply for a festive table. It can be based on mushrooms and other fungi. The ideal choice will be a sauce with porcini mushrooms.

No matter what version of the sauce you stopped, before you buy must pay attention to its consistency. Thick tomato sauces leave hot dishes from fish, meat or vegetables. The sauce that is served with spaghetti, must necessarily be liquid.

Study the composition of the product. Quality sauce should not include artificial flavors and dyes. The ingredients should be only natural tomatoes and spices.

The manufacturer is also important. It is believed that the best spaghetti sauces do in Italy, which is quite logical.

Pay attention to the packaging of the product. Really good sauce is only sold in a glass bottle or jar. Useful properties, aroma and taste of this product will not be stored properly in plastic containers.

Take the bottle of sauce in hand and look at the light. The color of the product should be natural. Bright red and strongly orange tint of tomato sauce can talk about the fact that the manufacturer has not stinted on the addition of dyes.

Please note on the cover. Plastic is only good for soy sauce, because it contains large amounts of salt and air, which enters under such cover does not damage the product. A jar of tomato sauce should be closed with a metal lid. Before buying try to push your index finger in the center of the lid. No cotton in this case should not be followed. Otherwise, the bottle is not sealed, therefore, the sauce could be spoiled.

Serve the sauce to the spaghetti in a special gravy boat. Pre-product has to be heated, but only slightly. Cold sauce will not reveal all the charm of its taste properly.