You will need
  • 2 copies of one and the same DOI record
  • 2 turntables
  • DJ controller
  • Laptop
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
Before you learn DJing, try to learn more about music. You have to learn everything about modern music trends, their differences and peculiarities. Pay close attention to the most popular genres.
Try to talk with other DJs. This is the best way to learn more about your new activity. Find out what skills were most useful in their career and develop them.
Try to ask for help from experienced colleagues to learn DJing. Maybe some of them will agree to become your mentor.
To learn DJing, install all necessary equipment. Put the mixer (console) between the two turntables. On both sides from the equipment place the speakers. Put on your headphones, making sure they fit snugly to the ears and does not fall off from the scalp.
Learn to start using the same records. This will help to feel the essence of the profession of DJ. Put records on turntables. Install on turntables original speed of recording playback (pitch zero). Install crossfader (the lever that switches the sound between the two channels) in Central position – so you'll hear sound from both turntables simultaneously.
Enable recording on the first turntable. Place the plate with your finger and do the movement clockwise and back to find the first shot that begins the song. Once found, hold your finger in that position.
Run the second fan. While the music sounds, try to feel the rhythmic pattern. As soon as you find the first beat to the beat of a square (a sequence of four bars), release your finger from the first album and let the songs play to the beat. After that, you can train with different compositions.