For the preparation of puff pastry rolls in the production conditions used metal or tin cones. If you are going to cook at home cupcake-a tube, housewife first encounter the need to purchase such products. Not so long ago finding them was pretty simple – cones were sold in all hardware stores. If you wish, you can make homemade cones from the materials available.

How to make cones for making tubes

Using conventional tools like hammer and pliers you can make good cones. As the material for they fit well-washed tin cans for canned meat and condensed milk. Such cones is not enough for one decade. They don't even have to fix well, just pull down to the desired shape. Deformation in those conditions, which will be used products, they are not threatened.

When neither this option, you can make cones out of cardboard or office paper and normal food foil. A piece of cardboard or paper, take a paper bag, cut it sharp part and fix it with a stapler in order not turned. You can flash this place thread, but not through, and only on the side where ends the paper. Wrap the cone with aluminum foil.

How to make rolls on homemade cones

When work on the workpiece cones is finally over, you can start making tubes. Buy or make puff pastry at home. Gently roll it to a thickness of 5 mm. Cut into strips – they should have a thickness of about 3 cm, length of 30-40 cm test Strips screw on the cones overlap. Prepare a baking sheet – cover it with parchment paper or spray with water, depending on what his material.

Put the future rolls on a baking sheet, seam test should be at the bottom. Tubes better bake according to the following scheme. Place the baking sheet in a preheated 240 degree Celsius the oven, hold it for 10 minutes, then reduce oven temperature should be 160 degrees. Bake the rolls for another 20 minutes. With cones they have to remove hot – use oven gloves. Sometimes the tubes get moist inside. If necessary, you can dry them in the oven and no cones – put another 10 minutes in the oven and hold at a temperature of 60 degrees.

The cones are made before preparation of the tubes, do not disassemble and do not dispose. If you like homemade cakes, they will come in handy again and again.