The composition of the alloy rose and its use

Alloy rose is created by mixing bismuth (50,0±0,5%), tin (18,0±0,5%) and lead (32,0±0,5%). This alloy is sold in the form of silver granules-pellets. The technical characteristics of the alloy rose resembles wood alloy, only it is less toxic due to the absence in its composition of cadmium (12.5% in wood alloy).

The melting point of this mixture of metals is only 94-96оС, so it is very convenient to use. A radio has found the use of alloy to the rose in tinning the copper surface of the etched Board. Except for the mixture of metals in this study also used a suitable container, cotton balls or disks, citric acid and two wooden sticks.

Due to its physical properties, alloy rose used in electrical fuses, laboratories for semiconductor equipment sensitive to overheating parts and in electronics, as solder TO 50. In addition, the alloy is used in soldering silver plated parts in the Assembly compounds, aluminum, aluminum with copper and its alloys. Rose is used for tinning of bronze, brass, copper, copper-Nickel alloys with silver-plated ceramics, Nickel and jewelry.

How to tin the PCB with alloy rose

Very often, the alloy rose used for tinning of printed circuit boards at home. This happens in the following way. Take container, where is the tin and pour half a Cup of water, put on fire. When the water warms up a bit, pour it teaspoon citric acid and stir. Put in a container printed circuit Board. When the Board turns pink, covered in a metallic foil side directly into the tank put a few pieces of alloy to the rose. Wait until it melts.

When rose becomes liquid, wooden sticks with wrapped cloth or cotton wool tips spread it on the PCB. If the pieces slipped from the Board quickly sticks to return them to the place or flip the Board and foil pressed against the alloy. To remove the excess metal can be the same sticks, motion blurring light rose with foil. Ready to charge, remove from pan and let it cool.

How to turn a alloy rose

Alloy rose is carried by the usual standard, designed for the transport of metals. The rose can be transported in the car, and any rail transport. Alloy and is stored in closed warehouses, and under the open sky, but in a carefully Packed container. Alloy rose is not too toxic, but we should not forget that it is composed of heavy metals. It is undesirable to work with him for too long.