If the service you have, but you for some reason wish to disable it, you can use one of the following options turn off the option "pay when convenient."

The first option

The easiest way to deactivate - send SMS-message to short number 0500. The text message should look like in the "pay when it is convenient to disable". Usually the option is disabled for the first few minutes, and comes a notification.

The second option

Also disable the option can call the short number 0500 and ask the Call centre operator about her trip. In this case, you need to be ready to call your telephone number, passport information and the reason you refuse this service. So, plan responses in advance.

The third option

To use your personal account. This method is one of the most reliable ways to disconnect and connect services, so as a subscriber, logging into my account, not only to disconnect and connect services, but also to learn about their cost.

So, to log in your personal account, you must first get code. To obtain it you need to dial the command: *105*00# and press "call". After a couple of minutes to receive a code. Next you need to visit the official website of MegaFon Service Guide and enter your login (phone number without 8 (+7) and password (transmitted numbers and letters).

When entering your personal Cabinet you will have additional opportunities, for example, the connection and disconnection of services, the transition to other tariff plans, itemized billing of 12 months and so on.