For cooking rib(AI) of beef steak you need to choose meatthat has many subtle layers of fat. As a rule, it is called "marble". Optimal neck or subscapular part of the carcass of a young animal. The meat should be a small amount of bone, separated from the spine.

Steak fried raudram of the more low-fat meat medium hardness. You can stop the choice on the hip part veal. Fiber and fatty residues do not need to clean up – so the steak will turn out much tastier and juicier.

A good stack is obtained from the thick lower edge of the tenderloin in this place, the muscles attached to the sacral spine. The porterhouse steak can be of any degree of doneness, depending on your taste preferences.

Steak sirloin steak will be tender and flavorful if it was prepared from the cervical part. In this place the optimum ratio of muscle and fat fiber, however, is present and connective tissue. It is best to buy meat of a young animal.

Popular steak t-bone, which has a T-shaped bone, is prepared from the dorsal aspect of the carcase. The thickness of the piece should be 3-5 cm, otherwise the meat will be dry. It should be noted that the muscles do not need to separate from the bone.

In addition to steaks on the bone no less popular are other options, which are not inferior in taste and use. Steak filet (Mignon) is prepared exclusively from the Chuck, sacral, or cervical. The meat must be full or medium rare, so pieces of medium thickness.

Steak Chateaubriand happens successfully, when cooking choose the dorsal part of the carcass. The average piece weight varies from 400 to 600 g. it is Important to choose a thick tenderloin. Cook the steak entirely, after dividing it into portions.

Lockets have a small form, but the choice of meat for them should be approached responsibly. It is advisable to buy pieces with a homogeneous tissue, in which measure is present fat.

The pork steak – home option. Of course, some places serve them, but it's not for everybody. For the preparation of suitable absolutely any part of the carcass. For lovers of fatty foods should choose the neck.

True gourmets like the fillet steak of lamb. The meat has a very specific aroma and taste, so will like not all. To make it fit the blade, a rear leg, a lumbar part. Meat is definitely cleaned from the films and fat, then prepared for the recipe.

Try to buy meat, though young, but already Mature animals. The color of the muscle fibers should be red, but not too dark. Light fat, and bone tissue fragments. Unfortunately, to find meat that is suitable for this dish, is difficult.

If you are not familiar in parts, it is better not to buy meat in the market. First, you can sell absolutely not, and secondly, quality control is often poor.

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