You will need
  • Exercise mats, balls of different sizes, gymnastic stick, bench, walkway to prevent flat feet, kids hula hoops, rhythmic music
Choose exercise appropriate to your child. Optimally to begin to teach your baby to perform gymnastics before the age of three, as children of this age are already able to understand what is required of them and what is needed. But the exercises must be simple, otherwise the child will have to spend a lot of energy for their development, and his interest wanes. The child is attending a preschool, it is advisable to carry and house the gymnastics complex to be used in kindergarten.
If for some reason not able to carry out physical exercises with a child after a morning sleep, you can do it in a couple of hours after Breakfast or after NAP. Evening recharge for 1-2 hours before going to sleep, to sleep late.
If the baby had not been involved in performing gymnastics and see how it is, is to show them the basic starting position (standing, lying on your back and stomach, sitting on the bench). Encourage him, telling counting, imitate the actions of animals, etc Movement for a child 3-4 years still have the character of imitation ("fly like a butterfly", "klyuem like a bird", "we break the apples", etc.).
Before you begin to actively perform the exercises with the baby, they should be learning. Do each new exercise slowly, voicing their actions and paying attention to the correctness of his movements. When you feel that the job become familiar crumbs, you can add classes music and a little fast.
Exercises for preschoolers should involve different muscle groups. In this case, charging will not be tedious, as some groups of muscles are involved in work and others to relax. Classes include squats and bending the torso down, right and left. Forward bends follow, trying to get floor hands.
In various embodiments, use of jumps ("spring"), throwing a ball from behind the head and the breast, as well as the target, an impromptu "football", exercises with gymnastic stick. Regular walking over time complicate alternating movement on the toes and heels, the outer and the inner edge of the feet, high lifting straight legs or bent knees. It is useful to walk along the path, made of double-folded fabric, several times stitched across. In each of the branch paths invested different filler (peas, grits, stones, etc.).
Complete exercises as Jogging and walking, then proceed to hygienic procedures. Morning exercises for children of preschool age lasts longer than 5-10 minutes.