Preventative massage is recommended almost every healthy child, because it contributes to the comprehensive development of the body. This massage parents can perform on their own or seek help from a professional. To begin these procedures it is possible for a healthy baby is already one and a half to two months of age, consult your pediatrician.
Massage is designed to assist in various diseases, which in the early stages it can be used even to prevent. For example, the common cold in infants causes anxiety in parents to resort to medications — not always justified, and the fragile body of the baby could react to the medications. But baby massage and gymnastics can prevent this disease and even to cure if time to start treatment. The main thing — not to delay, in time to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.
Often, new parents, the questions arise: how often you can do massage to the child and what should be the duration? According to experts, in the absence of contraindications baby massage should do the courses, typically one course in 3 months for children in the first and second year of life. If according to individual indications a doctor prescribes the more dense the pattern, the interval between courses should be as short as 1 month. Children two years and older usually recommend a single course of prophylactic massage in six months.
Duration of one session is from 20 minutes to 40-45 minutes as the child's adaptation to the load. Some kids tolerate the load and engaged with pleasure, others get tired quickly, and force them into long-term occupations should not be. Gradually, the process is normal, and they can be enjoyed longer time. Here you need to follow one rule: massage should be pleasant to the child, only then he can benefit. Massage course standard consists of 10 sessions. However, this is not dogma: it is often the result, as they say practice, is notable only for 12-13 session. The effect will be more significant if you combine massage with gymnastics and hardening.
Massage is simply necessary for the child for proper development. Hold it regularly, stopping for the holidays, taking into account individual peculiarities of the baby. The massage contributes to a harmonious physical and psychological development of the child, improves vitality.