"The Golden youth" is not all children of wealthy parents. This is a special stratum of society, which is characterized by the mentality of the playboy. For the "Golden youth" is a waste, the lack of constructive occupations, higher goals in life. This forms at best a nonchalant character, glamorous party-goer. At worst, the society is watching an arrogant scoundrel, accustomed to despise the common people and break the law in the belief that "dad otmazhut".

Very often the "Golden youth" form children of the Nouveau riche – people who quickly earned money but did not inherit the culture a reasonable attitude toward them, and therefore pass it on to his offspring. A layer of "Golden youth" in different countries is different. In modern Russian "Golden youth" – a noticeable phenomenon, because of the peculiarities of Russian history of the last twenty years.

The emergence of the "Golden youth" in Russia

In the Soviet Union, despite the declared equality, the children of party leaders, diplomats, caressed by the authorities of writers, athletes and actors, Directors of Department stores and other Soviet elite have formed a social group "majors". The majors had access to benefits, which the majority of Soviet people could only dream of, they had solved all domestic issues (e.g., housing in the capital), secured a place at a prestigious University, predefined career.

But in the early 90-ies in Russia, entered the path of capitalism, there are real millionaires and billionaires – and among businessmen, and among policymakers. Their children had greater capabilities than the Soviet majors. There is a new group that became known as the "Golden youth".

Now in Russia under the "Golden youth" in a broad sense, understand in General all well-endowed offspring of the wealthy, including capital of the middle class (synonym remains committed to the concept of "majors"). But in the narrow sense under the Russian jeunesse dorée means the cream of society-children, whose personal status allows you to provide favorite child is truly luxurious life.

The subculture of the "Golden youth"

Access to money determined the bright life "Golden youth": hangouts in Nightclubs, the selection of expensive branded things, visiting fashionable places, study and vacations abroad. In spending the "Golden child" do not limit yourself: every now and then in press reports crazy checks, champagne for the price of "Mercedes" or broken "in dispute" supercars.

In 2000-ies there appeared a division between "night and day" "Golden youth".

"Day" is a respectable and sometimes even a healthy lifestyle, dedicating their days of travel and active rest. Many "Golden children" for months and years are not in Russia, doing some surfing in the tropics, skiing in Courchevel. In fashion – extreme sports, individual tourism. With "night" comrades, this category of the "Golden youth" combines the pursuit of pleasures and lack of serious life goals.

The behavior of "night of the Golden youth" socially dangerous. In this environment, widespread alcohol abuse, a drugs. For representatives like this "Golden youth" characterized by aggressive and illegal behaviour in public places.

One of the most outrageous manifestations of impunity of the "Golden youth" is inappropriate behavior on the roads. Having super-expensive cars, "Golden children" like scorch, to arrange night race through the streets. Strong indignation in society are automobile accident with casualties, after which "the gold" the perpetrators get off with symbolical punishment.

The sense of impunity is one of the main features of the Russian "Golden youth". In contrast to the jeunesse dorée of countries where much more respect for the law by high-ranking officials for Russia's "Golden youth" is not just a waste of life, and expressed in anti-social behaviour.