Fashion trends

Boys and girls in adolescence engaged in an active search yourself, so they tend to try everything at once and often change their ideals.

Some find refuge among the representatives of various subcultures like rockers, Goths, emo and so on. This greatly affects their world view and style of clothing and behavior.

In addition, many young people are beginning to seriously interested in extreme sports: skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing and inline skating, Cycling.
Particularly ardent fans of adrenaline taking part in street races in cars or motorcycles.

There are those who choose a quieter activity, like photography, handmade, video game, normal fitness, yoga, Pilates. All this is now very popular among the youth.

Fashion clothes

Speaking about fashion trends among Teens, we cannot ignore the youth fashion. For the most part, boys and girls are not able to spend huge amounts on clothes, shoes and accessories, therefore, limited to a shopping of the mass market.
The most popular brands such as Zara, Mango, Pull&Bear, Sisley, H&M, Savage, Your, Sela and many others.

Shoes teenagers give priority to convenience, rather than beauty, so many girls prefer ballet flats instead of heels. Sneakers, uggs, sneakers, Doc Martens, grinders can easily be considered unisex shoes that have in the wardrobe of majority of adolescents around the world.

In cold weather young people prefer to wear long sweaters, sweatshirts with jeans. This season, we are jackets, sweater knit or bright clothes featuring cartoon characters, funny slogans. Girls prefer skinny jeans with a low rise. Among young fashionable to wear half-mast trousers, and an important attribute stands exposed underwear famous brands.

Clothes from the top do not lose their relevance down jackets with fur trim on the collar, short jackets, coats. Young ladies, wanting to stand out from the crowd and to emphasize their femininity, prefer the style of 50-ies-60-ies – the classic trench coats, coats-trapezes with short sleeves. It's rare that you see on the streets girls and adolescent girls in fur coats, fur usually prevails in the accessories or used as decor.