The composition of green tea

The main component contained in the drink caffeine. This alkaloid is known for its tonic properties. Due to caffeine in green tea stimulates the brain, expands the blood vessels of the heart and lowers blood pressure. Product contains large number of minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, fluorine) that have a positive impact on the status of internal organs. In tea there are considerable stocks of vitamin P strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

In addition, green tea undergoes a special fermentation process, so unlike black, it retains most of the antioxidants. The drink has excellent ability to suppress free radicals in the human body, preventing the aging of cells.

Another important component of green tea – catechins and polyphenols. These unique substances have the ability to destroy harmful microorganisms, protecting the person during seasonal epidemics of colds. Also these compounds are able to resist cancer cells. It is scientifically proven that green tea is able to effectively fight prostate cancer.

As green tea effect on kidneys

Green tea is not recommended to use in large quantities to persons suffering from diseases of organs of urinary system. The fact that the caffeine included in the beverage composition, is a powerful diuretic. If you drink tea too often, you can simply bring the body to dehydration. This will help increase the level salts and acids in the kidneys, but later can lead to formation of stones. Specialists are encouraged to limit the consumption of green tea those who have chronic or acute kidney disease up to 1-2 small cups of the drink per day. After tea, be sure to drink a glass of plain water to restore the fluid loss in the body.

Who should not drink green tea

This drink is contraindicated in excitable people with unstable nervous system. Green tea should not drink for pregnant and nursing mothers, as the caffeine negatively affects the baby. Do not get involved in this product during illnesses accompanied by increased body temperature. In tea is theophylline, able to raise the temperature. Green tea should not be consumed simultaneously with alcohol. These drinks combine to form dangerous aldehydes that can harm the kidneys.