Despite the abundance of different products in stores today is quite difficult to find accessories that you could decorate a newlyweds car. Of course, you can order a decoration from the private masters, but as a rule, such pleasure is very expensive. Much cheaper and nicer to make as a decoration for myself. For example, you can swans, which are a symbol of love and fidelity.

Tools and materials for work

For the manufacture of swans will need to prepare: foam polystyrene of different thickness, one sheet should have a thickness equal to 5 cm, the other – 2.5 cm you will Need: scissors, utility knife, pencil, glue gun, sandpaper, polymer clay, corrugated paper, acrylic paint, beads and ribbons. Sandpaper can be replaced with a nail file, but the acrylic composition will be needed in three colors: red, white and black.

Manufacturing technology of swans

For starters, on paper should portray the head and neck of a Swan the size needed. You can use the image, print it on sheet of format A 4. The resulting image should be cut. Thus, it should be the template for the Swan.

Next is to use a polystyrene having a thickness equal to 5 cm On the surface should make a cut paper template to trace the outlines with a pencil. A utility knife will allow you to cut from foam polystyrene head and neck of a Swan. Using a utility knife, you should round off the edge of the workpiece.

Now you can proceed to cutting the body to the Swan. It should have an oval shape, its width should be equal to 15 cm and length 30 cm For the manufacture of an oval, use a thinner polystyrene. Placing the ellipse on the surface of the table should be applied to the top of the workpiece the glue, it should be covered and neck of a Swan from the end. You need to use hot glue to connect the body and the neck with the head.

To the surface of the neck and head came out smooth, you should sand the workpiece with emery, her abrasiveness must be equal to 180. Holes for eyes in order to form the blunt side of a hobby knife. PENOPLEX for this, you will need only a little push.

To constitute a smoothing between the thin neck and an oval body, should be cut two side panels, pre-measured, the distance from the neck to the edge of the oval. These details should be made of foam polystyrene. Then they have to stick to the sides of the neck.

The neck should smear polymer clay, and then allow it to dry. The clay should be applied in 3 layers. With each layer the clay solution was to do everything more fluid, allowing us to perfectly align the surface.

Now you can begin effective the beak and the eyes with a pencil. Then you can move on to staining the neck of a Swan in white. Red paint is used to color the beak, black eyes.

Eye stick beads, you can go to the decoration of the body of a Swan. To do this, prepare pieces of fabric, prostracii them in the form of an accordion with one hand, using a typewriter. Such strips should do the more, the more magnificent must be the body of a Swan. As soon as the flounces are stitched, they can begin to attach to the body using a stapler or glue. For their manufacturing it is possible to use corrugated paper.