The causes of underdevelopment

Before to do something, you need to find the cause of underdevelopment. Parents should not try to solve problems on their own, it is necessary to consult specialists. Heavy lag may be due to improper upbringing (parents pay little attention to the child, or, conversely, overly protective), especially the development of the psyche (occurs if during pregnancy and childbirth there were complications), biological reasons (transferred infections, hereditary diseases).

The child is caught up in the development of peers, find out why not enough. Specialists (psychiatrist and neurologist) should appoint inspection and diagnosis. Only then can you begin a comprehensive treatment.

What professionals to contact if the child is lagging behind?

Psychologists distinguish several types of mental backlog: psychological infantilism, delayed somatic origin, neurogenic problems have an impact on development, causes of somatic origin and organic abnormalities.

Psychological infantilism can be defined only by a child psychologist or psychiatrist, but even the most experienced professionals it is often confused with improper upbringing and self-indulgence. The treatment prescribed by a psychologist, as a rule, the child's behavior is corrected through regular sessions with a psychiatrist and speech pathologist.

Children with delayed development of somatic origin are under hyperopia parents. The child is dependent, he does not know how to respond to the environment, afraid of the new situation, can not make decisions. To compensate for the developmental delays, the family needs to go to a psychologist and teacher, and should work with parents.

Organic disorder is a pathology in the work of the brain functions and nervous system. To compensate for them is difficult, requires complex treatment.

Neurogenic causes strong developmental delays occur due to adverse climate in the family or the child suffered psychological trauma. No problems with brain function, but disturbed behavioral responses. In this case, need help psychologist, teacher and speech pathologist.

At the first sign of underdevelopment of the child's parents should immediately seek help from professionals. The longer you put off seeing a neurologist or psychologist, the more difficult the treatment will be.