You will need
  • - onions;
  • - garlic;
  • - "Interferon".
At the time of epidemics forget about hospitality. It is desirable not only gently but firmly to get rid of sneezing guests, but does prefer to meet with friends and relatives outside the home.
Ideally, if possible, isolate the child from the sick person. However, this is not always feasible, especially if you have a cold mother. Put the baby to sleep in another room or at least in a separate bed. Simple the mother should feed the baby only in a gauze bandage.
As often as possible ventilate the room in which the sleeping baby. Of course, in front of this child must be taken out of the room. He often do wet cleaning. You can even use a weak solution of chlorine.
Make sure you and your child in the air in the squares and parks. Walking will strengthen the baby's immunity and allow him to get away from a sick family member, and therefore, reduce the risk of infection.
Get in the habit of sterilizing the dishes from which a child eats. This is especially true of the first three months of his life. It is unacceptable to pour the milk mixture first in the adult the Cup and then in the baby's bottle. Especially if it's a Cup of a sick person.
Put in the nursery plate cut into slices, garlic, and onions. They contain volatile substances that kill germs and inhibit their growth. So the fragrance of mixture will have to be patient.
Overheating for a child as undesirable as hypothermia. The optimum temperature in a baby month old baby should be 20-22 degrees. Two three-month crumbs she could be 18-20 degrees.
The child started with a runny nose, drip in nose a few drops of breast milk. Small children breastfed, suitable drug "Interferon". It can be used as a preventive remedy for colds, not only for the baby but for all family members.