Vinyl Wallpaper: advantages

Vinyl Wallpaper double layer. As the bottom layer is paper or fabric, and the top - polyvinyl that has a stamping or drawing. These Wallpapers are particularly robust. If necessary, they can be easily washed and cleaned with alcohol or solvent. The material for the walls is essential for premises with high humidity - kitchens and baths. However, vinyl Wallpaper, there is one drawback – they do not absorb moisture and air.

You can select 3 kind of these Wallpapers:
- washable vinyl;
foamed vinyl;
- silk-screen printing.

Wallpaper of detergent vinyl have a fairly high resistance, so that they can be used for bathrooms and kitchens. For gluing of such a material is used the adhesive for heavy Wallpaper. The latter need to smear the wall and the Wallpaper, and they have five minutes to soak up. However, it is important to avoid over-wetting as this can cause delamination.

The first layer of Wallpaper with silk-screen printing consists of paper and the second vinyl with silk threads. With the help of this material you can dramatically transform your home and make it a work of art. And embossed, and smooth vinyl Wallpaper can differently display the light that falls on them. This material is elastic, very pleasant to the touch and did not fade, however the cost is quite high.

Wallpaper from the foam vinyl is also composed of 2 layers of paper and special composition. When the fabrication is subjected to a heat treatment and the result forms a relief surface. These Wallpapers are very dense, water-resistant, they mask many of the flaws of the walls. With vinyl foam, it is possible to simulate ceramic tile, granite, leather, suede, marble, wood, different types of plaster and other surfaces. However, these Wallpapers are best used in non-residential premises.

Non-woven Wallpaper: the benefits

Unlike vinyl, non-woven Wallpaper is homogeneous, they only consist of 1 layer. They can both plain and patterned. This material can be used independent element of decor and painting. Thus they are allowed to cover the latex, the latex or acrylic paint. Non-woven Wallpaper, high durability. In addition, they are very easy to use.

It is worth saying that when gluing them is not necessary to smear with glue, it is enough to apply it only on the wall. Because the interlining is a natural material, moisture and "breathes" Wallpaper from it can be used in almost any room, even in the nursery.