How to get your wife back

If Yes, you need to take action. Do not delay the return of the wife on the back burner, because she can get used to life without you or find another. Give her a day or two to cool off, and then start operation to return.

Understand the causes due to which she left. Remember all her comments, claims and accusations over the past month. Most often, women leave due to the lack of attention or laziness of her husband. Use this knowledge to show how you've changed.

Start to communicate with her. If she doesn't want to see you, do not leave attempts to contact her. Send a bouquet of flowers via a delivery service, send cute SMS messages, throws a letter of apology under the door, call on the phone. Show that you regret the breakup and want to fix it.

When she changed the temper justice with mercy, show changes in your life. For example, if she blamed you inadvertently start to tell her compliments and provide other favors. If you find a better job, tell her about it, promise me now you'll live better.

Do not repeat past mistakes, when she will come back to you. Keep coming back, it will not, so don't give her a reason to leave. Try to communicate more and to discuss problems, seek their solutions and help her around the house.

How to live without a wife

But if you know what to get your wife back will not work or you do not want to return to family life, need to learn to live alone. Do not give in to discouragement and do not succumb to depression, because life does not end there.

Do not attempt to wash down his sorrows in alcohol. In such a situation, some men drink too much and become alcoholics, do not stoop to this. It is better to refuse from alcoholic beverages to take a sober look at what is happening and to get on with my life.

Fill your free time. Spend time fishing, fix the car, clean the garage, re-read favorite books or play computer games. So you don't leave yourself time to think about things and relive the pain of losing the woman he loved.

Get out to the people, not closed in itself. When a little time will pass and you will feel the strength to start a new relationship, don't be afraid to get burned. Do not carry past grievances and experiences of other women. After all, it is not necessary that history will repeat itself. Meet, chat, fall in love and learn to enjoy the relationship.