Physically healthy child begins independent attempts of sitting down approximately in 6 months. This is a normal physiological age of the baby when in a sitting position due to a desire to see the world in new ways.
Nature so conceived that a newborn is born with a straight spine, respectively, in a natural posture is "lying". For 2-3 months the need, lying on tummy, can lift head. From this period begins the formation of the cervical flexure. The next stage are first attempts to sit, this usually occurs in 4-6 months. This forms the bend in the thoracic spine. By 6-8 months of age the child makes its first attempts to stand up. This process forms the curves in the spine.
All those preparatory steps create a future posture. And it will be regulated properly, if the child will gradually learn itself, without outside interference. Accordingly, the gradual formation of a healthy spine as follows: independent flips from tummy to back and back, trying to get on my knees, crawling, trying to sit, stand and walk. Due to this timely action of the muscles much stronger, forming a corset, and gradually, the muscular and skeletal system will be fully prepared to ensure that the child himself sat down and went.
If toddler tries to sit independently, this means that the muscles of the chest, along the spine and in the abdominal sufficiently formed, so that the child could sit up straight without additional support. Thus, the age of 6-month-old baby the most optimal time to start sitting down.
In some cases, parents seek to bring the child as quickly as possible and begin the learning process almost 4 months. Such attempts can lead to serious problems in adolescence, for example, scoliosis and other curvature of the spine. For girls, early sitting facing the curvature of the bones of the pelvis, which can cause difficulties during the labor process.
There are moments when for some reason the kid to put the term makes no attempt to catch himself. If the child is healthy, he's not showing signs of rickets, diseases of the nervous system and others that affect the process factors that parents should pay more attention to the physical characteristics of the baby. Overweight and loose weight can be a objective reason for the reluctance and inability to sit by yourself. Therefore, parents need to consult a specialist, who will conduct a course of massage, or show parents how to correctly perform therapeutic exercise.
During class you can sit the child on a hard surface, performing this exercise by lifting the handle through the side, giving the baby himself, without the support of to sit a few seconds. Gradually, the interval should be increased by controlling the situation, the child fell to the ground, but not really helping.
It is not necessary to force events. You need to wait for the right age and at the same time pay attention to the readiness of the baby to sitting.