The products needed to prepare the dessert

To prepare Tula gingerbread, you will need the following ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 Cup sugar, 125 g butter, 1 tbsp ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon soda, 5 tbsp. of natural honey.

Wheat flour is used in the amount necessary for kneading dough is fairly elastic. For a given amount of ingredients we need about 2-2,5 cups flour.

The ingredients for the glaze: 2 tbsp water, 4 tbsp sugar. For strata use any homemade jam, jam or boiled condensed milk.

Preparation of Tula gingerbread

Eggs, butter, sugar, cinnamon, natural honey and soda mixed in a deep container and sent to a water bath. The mixture was heated for 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Should get a homogeneous mass.

The mass removed from the water bath and add to it pre-sifted flour, carefully vymeshivaem hot dough. The finished dough should be elastic but not too tight. When the dough has cooled, you may have to mix it a bit more flour.

The cutting Board is made of parchment paper. Divide the dough into 2 equal parts and roll them cakes of roughly equal size. Can be cut from a rolled dough 2 Korzh at

One thick crust smeared with jam and cover with the other pastry sheet. The top layer of dough is lightly pressed with your hands. A sheet of parchment paper with the workpiece to bake gently shift on a baking sheet. From the remnants of dough, cut the figures and arrange them on the surface of the cake, creating an original pattern.

You can just put a pattern on the surface of the dough, using the Toolbox. For example, pressing the dough in a colander, get the carrot in peas. Optional bake large Tula gingerbread, it's much easier to cut the cake into small squares.

Oven heated to 170оС and send a baking sheet on the middle level. Cooking Tula gingerbread will take no more than 15-20 minutes. Readiness baking check with a wooden toothpick or a match. If the dough is cooked, the carrot is removed from the oven.

The Tulsky pryanik recipe involves the use of glazes to decorate the surface of baked goods. Mix water and sugar and bring the syrup to a boil. Smeared with syrup is still hot gingerbread, so it's best to prepare the glaze, immediately before the end of baking.