It also happens that a person falls asleep in a sitting position. It happens to those who didn't go to bed on time, late working or watching TV. But this sleep does not rest, after the person feels frustrated and sleepy. The impression that sleeping in a sitting position man.

The dangers of sleeping in a sitting position

The need to sleep lying down is associated with walking upright, is inherent in man. Awake, people are in a vertical position, the maintenance of which requires considerable muscular exertion. In addition, in this position of the body on him is stronger influenced by the force of gravity. The area of contact with atmospheric air, located above the body, bipedal beings much higher than those of animals that move on four limbs, therefore, the pressure of the air column on the human body is quite large. This creates a greater load on the spine.

In order for life to survive the tremendous stress, the human body must periodically to rest. This is possible only when a person adopts the supine position, the muscles relax, gravity and the pressure of the air column decreases.

Some people prefer to sleep sitting up. So did, for example, Salvador Dali. But this case can be called the exception that proves the rule: for Given characteristic paintings of strange, bizarre images, bordering on madness, reminiscent of nightmares. Probably, not the last role in the formation of this attitude played poor sleep associated with the habit of sleeping while sitting. To follow the example of the great artist is not: masterpieces you can not create, and the nervous system will surely suffer from chronic lack of sleep.

Who is bad to sleep lying down

And yet there are people who are doctors don't recommend sleeping in the supine position. We are talking about those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Due to some peculiarities of the human circulatory system in the supine position increases the venous inflow of blood to the heart. This situation requires enhanced supply of oxygen to the heart. Healthy cardiovascular system safely deal with it, but in ischemic heart disease when the blood supply of this organ is disturbed, the lack of oxygen could trigger angina or even a heart attack. Heart attack in the dream state is particularly dangerous, because a sleeping person cannot take medication or call for help. Sometimes these patients die from a heart attack, and did not Wake up.

To sleep sitting up so sick, of course, too, but they are encouraged to sleep in polusidya position: legs extended, body thrown back on the pillows at an angle of about 45 degrees.