Capsule as a dosage form

Capsule - it is the form of medicines, which is a shell in the form of a cylinder with rounded ends, filled with a particular drug. In turn, the filling of the capsule may depend on the nature of the active substance in a particular drug. So, the modern pharmaceutical industry produces capsule which can be filled with medication in powder form, granules, liquids or other content.

The main advantage of the capsule method of production of drugs is a clear dosage dose of the medication contained therein. The result for the patient, who recommended the medication in this form, with careful adherence to the instructions of the doctor almost completely eliminates the possibility of inadvertently exceeding the necessary dose of the drug or taking it insufficient quantity.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that commonly in capsules, make medicines, which have a very unpleasant taste, allowing you to avoid contact with the taste buds of the patient and to relieve him of appropriate taste in the mouth. Another reason why a manufacturer might resort to use of capsule method of production of drugs, is when contained within the sheath medicinal product must not impact the mucous membranes of the oral cavity or esophagus. Finally, this form can be chosen to avoid lowering the dose of the active substance within the stomach of the patient. Thus, if the doctor prescribed you the drug in capsules, should be taken in the factory, without opening the shell.


Currently, most capsule shells are made on the basis of gelatin. It is a product with good ductility, which allows no special effort to make it capsules. In addition, it dissolves well in the stomach and has minimal side effects compared to other options of materials for the manufacture of the shell. Besides gelatin through the application of various technologies for the production of capsules allows to produce from it both soft and hard shell, which are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gelatin can be used for manufacturing capsules in pure form, and using different additives. So if you are allergic to gelatin, you should inform your doctor, if he prescribed you the medication in capsule form in most cases, there is a possibility to replace this form of drug to another, more safe for a particular patient.