Capsule coffee – disposable. It's a small container, which is installed in the correct location in the machine, which then prepares a tasty and aromatic drink based on the contents of the capsule. Although the generic or cheaper capsules for coffee machines does not exist, Russian consumers have found a way to reduce the use of machine learning to fill disposable capsules again. This allows you to try other flavors of coffee, for example, you can buy capsules from other manufacturers, and pour their contents into the capsule from your machine.
All capsules have the same structure: they consist of a plastic container, both sides of which are membranes that protect the coffee inside. When the machine damage the membrane with a needle, it makes the capsule for reuse. Therefore it is impossible to take one capsule and re-fill it. But you can make a reusable capsule independently of the two already used.
First cut from one capsule lower part, the incision should be just above where the damaged membrane from the foil. This very membrane, discard. Then thoroughly clean from the coffee and dry the container. Another membrane, which has been preserved in a capsule must remain intact.
The second capsule is cut approximately in the center. The cutting lines must be smooth, so you will need a sharp pair of scissors. This capsule is also clear from coffee, retaining its membrane. You can now connect the two capsules, wearing one on the second. So you have a reusable design.
When you make coffee with this capsule, it is very important that the hole in the top of the capsule was accurately aligned with the needle, piercing it. Otherwise ground coffee can get into the mechanical part of the machine and damage it beyond repair.