The reason – the virus

First, you need to scan your computer for viruses. Use the installed anti-virus program and scan whole computer. In that case, if you doubt the effectiveness of the installed antivirus, it will not hurt to reinstall and use a more reliable option. Rating antivirus software is compiled annually, covering almost all noteworthy products and published on the Internet. In that case, if the version of virus infection is not confirmed, but the computer still freezes and randomly reboots, it is necessary to conduct consistent review of the hardware part.

Cause – faulty hardware

Begin testing the hardware with a study of the status RAM. For this free memory recorded in the item "Physical memory" task Manager" should not be less than 20% of the total volume. In that case, if free memory is less then you should increase the amount of RAM in the computer or constantly to ensure that unnecessary applications have been disabled. Forced shutdown of processes via "task Manager".

The reason – a failure in the operating system

If there is no shortage of RAM, and viruses the effect of "freezing" and restarting can be caused by a failure in the operating system. The situation can be corrected only reinstalling or restoring. Prior to the reinstall or repair make sure that all information from the disk was stored either on external drives or on drive D.

In addition to these, the most frequent causes of "freezing" and rebooting to cause such effects can a faulty power supply, defects of components of the system unit, the motherboard damage. Overheating of CPU or video card – the scourge of modern computers and especially laptops. The desire of producers to compactness, leads to a sensitivity of machines to external temperatures. Therefore, if your computer is faulty in the summer, it is likely that this is a consequence of overheating. For temperature monitoring you can use special software applications available on the Internet. These programs allow you to track the temperature changes in the main components of a computer. Thus it is possible to identify what stress the hardware the same as hang and restart.

It is very difficult to determine what exactly has failed in these sites. So often they change to a new one. The best way out is to appeal to the service center to diagnose the fault and further repairs on the computer.