Types of space suits

Currently created and tested in real conditions, three types of space suits. This rescue suits, suits for spacewalks and spacesuits to work on the surface of celestial bodies. the Last type spacesuits were used for flights to the moon. The device suits depends on the conditions of their use and what kind of work to be performed by the astronauts in these conditions.

Rescue suit

The first was developed by the emergency suit. It is intended to protect the cosmonaut depressurization of the spacecraft, the change in the composition of the atmosphere and temperature inside manned compartments. Emergency space suits have detachable gloves, and sometimes flip-front helmet. These suits quickly put on and the most automated. In the fall spring pressure so the suit automatically sealed, the helmet is closed, the system of Autonomous life support.

Suit for operation in outer space

Working in open space, the astronaut must be protected from exposure to excessive light radiation. Consequently, the suit in this case has a coating that reflects light rays, and the helmet is installed protective filter. Suit for use in outer space does not need removable gloves and helmet, put it on all at once and completely. But demands on joint mobility, this suit is high, because outside of the ship, the astronaut performs a specific job. This problem is solved by using corrugated surfaces, hinges and sealed bearings that are located in bends of joints. Gloves of the space suits for the open spaces is very complex, they provide even maintaining the tactile sensitivity of the fingers. These suits are equipped and backpack life support system, and a radio to communicate, and even protivometeoritnoy and radiation protection. Hermetic shell of these suits are often double and has high strength.

Suit to work on the moon

The only celestial body on which you have already visited the man, is the Moon. Lunar suit generally resembles a space suit for outer space, but it has some differences. And the most important of them - the shoes. In addition, on the moon there is the gravitational force that not only determines weight parameters of the suit, but it requires a certain alignment, otherwise the astronaut will simply not be able to keep his balance. Shoes lunar space suit is quite heavy. The strength of this suit is also increased, which protects the astronaut from trouble in case of a fall.

The General structure of the suit

All space suits have an airtight shell and system to provide the astronaut with oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The insulation of the suit is provided by a layered shell, and heating or cooling it is usually produced in the form of tubes through which circulates a liquid coolant. In the helmet of a space suit is a communication device, as well as the system supply of drinking water and (if necessary) food. In the suit there is a system of sensors to monitor the physical condition of the astronaut. Thus, the suit is not only the "outer clothing" but are essentially small individual spacecraft, providing the support and work of man in space.