First, using the pegs and string, mark the location and shape of the site. Remove the fertile soil layer and time is stored. In the future you will find it to good use – use for greenhouses, raised beds etc. the Depth of the selected layer should be about 25cm (if you do not plan to place it on the KAMAZ).

Determine whether to pass under the site of any communication. If so, lay them "boxes" from pipes or ducts. The soil smooth and tamp lightly.
Now proceed to the sand-gravel cushion is the Foundation of the future of the platform or track. Its thickness depends on the expected load, the higher the load, the thicker layer of sand, gravel and concrete should be.

First add a layer of sand with thickness of 10cm. Moisten it and tamp. Then a layer of gravel of the same thickness. It is also water and carefully seal.
Make the formwork in the shape of a rectangle with sides of 1m and 1.5 m. For its production take edged Board with thickness 20-25mm, a width of 7-8cm (you can use a b/u of the Board).

Install the formwork in the gravel layer so that the top edge of the Board performed above ground level at 2-3cm. the Correctness of installation check level. Lay reinforcing mesh inside.
Prepare the concrete mixture of cement, sand and water in the ratio 1:3 and fill it inside the formwork. Solution put a bit more upper-edge casing boards. Tamper (you can get thick 50 mm Board length 1.2 m) level the layer of concrete on the upper edge of the Board. If left empty, add the solution and re-leveled. Give a little to harden and fill with a layer of damp sawdust or rags.

Likewise, fill the next rectangle, until then, pack the entire area will not be flooded with an even layer of concrete. Boards left inside the area, will perform the function of the compensator with temperature extensions and will not allow the concrete to break at the transition temperature from positive to negative and Vice versa.
Within 3 days moisten the sawdust to the surface of the concrete is not cracked during the drying. When the concrete gets stronger, on the outside of the pad Board remove the formwork and install the curb.