Advice 1: Take a child of 1 year and 3 months

Children aged 1 year and 3 months very active and inquisitive, and mothers literally have to try on the role of the animator that the child does not get bored and spend time with benefits for development. Fortunately, there are many ways to take a baby.
Take a child of 1 year and 3 months


At this age children usually are able to walk, but not very confidently. To consolidate this skill often start Hiking. It is advisable to walk not only on the paved city streets, but also on forest trails to the foot of the child has adapted to overcome the irregularities. With the same purpose it is useful to walk on an inclined plane, to climb children's climbing frame and slides. The main thing – to always be there to catch the baby when he loses his balance. Not knowing what to do, always go for a walk, on the street the kid will not be bored ever. In summer, bring a ball and toys for the sandbox in the winter – children's snow shovel. Do not forget that in 1 year and 3 months, the child quickly gets tired to walk on his own, so for long trips it is better to take with a stroller, otherwise you'll have to take the baby in his arms.

Educational mugs

A child of 1 year can attend educational mugs. Fortunately, today there are many educational centers, and you will surely find one of them in walking distance from his home. At these sessions children are taught to draw, sculpt out of dough, folding puzzles, and more. Mom here gleaned a lot of interesting ideas for playing at home with the baby, learn new games for children. Moreover, in a child development centre the child will receive the first skills of communication with peers. Because of this, the child will be easier to adapt to kindergarten in the future.

Home games

Many mothers do not know what to do with your child at home, but there are many ways to spend time. Get the child finger paint and teach the kid to draw. Usually this activity attracts kids for a long time, however, then the mother will have to wash clothes and to wash paint furniture, so think in advance where and in what form the child is better to draw.

If the child is 1 year and 3 months have not sculpted of dough, it's time to introduce him to this wonderful material. Better to buy a special children's modeling dough, it's bright and plastic, but you can do materials, make a batter of flour and water. The dough is perfectly develops fine motor skills, and it can be used in several ways. So, from a test can sculpt figurines of animals, and can be molded into sausage, give the little child a knife and show how to cut her to pieces. You can also purchase a special album for the test, where each page will have its job. For example, to tear off small pieces of dough, roll from them balls and glue to a painted Apple tree, as if it were apples.

Advice 2 : How to entertain a one year old

New parents often wrestle with how to entertain her beloved one-year-old child for the benefit of his logical thinking. Here are some ways, than you can take your baby.
How to entertain a one year old
You will need
  • - multi-coloured laces or ribbon
  • - the body of a ballpoint pen
  • - package of crackers (bagels)
  • - finger paints
  • - wooden beads, buttons
One of the fascinating sessions that are very popular-kids – sewing-or rather, the needle sticks in small holes and stringing objects on the power cord. This game will help to develop motor skills, thinking ability of your child and to push for the development of not only logic, but also speech.
Before you start an entertaining game in advance, prepare the colored laces, wooden or plastic beads, large buttons (small is better to exclude). Sit baby comfortably on the floor right next to him.
For the first class take, for example, a package of crackers (bagels) and the case from a simple ballpoint pen. Then pass it colored the lace and secure with a knot, so that it is not popped up. Now give your toddler the opportunity to collect the cord drying (bagels), beads, buttons and stitch a garland of them.
After the garland is ready, and sushki (bagels) will be pojedini, hang his work in the kitchen, tying the ends of the lace on both sides. If desired, paint drying (bagels), finger paints in colorful colors. And when the evening dad would come home from work, show off in front of him with the baby her little new achievements.
Starting the second game, you may be limited to only the laces, or ribbons, that would be absolutely the opposite of the first lesson. So now you are going to sew and tie, but rather to unleash. To do this, tie a shoelace to the door of the kitchen furniture. Make sure that the child can easily reach, and the lace easily come undone.
When the laces are tied, show the child by example how they need to unleash. Encourage him in this game, the toddler was able to guess pulling the tip of the lace and took it off. Try to entice your child to these classes, and then you will have a few minutes for yourself.
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