Before parents decide to proceed with the development of her year-old child, they just need to know what their baby needs at this age to be able to know and do. First of all, you need to pay attention to its physiological development, which is expressed in the following skills baby: without using outside help to stand, to run (you can use a third-party assistance), independently exactly to walk, to imitate adults, copying some of their actions, to drink from the cups without adult assistance.
The psychological development of a child involves the ability to be able to distinguish all family members and/or to call them by name, to understand that from the crumbs want the parents to have a small vocabulary consisting of simple words, to understand and to ask for a pot.
Depending, performs all of the above your little one or not, will shape your future development. Consider the case when the baby something from this list to do, for example, asks for the potty. In order for him to teach it to do, first of all you need to get rid of perfectly comfortable and absorbent diapers. In diapers, the child feels that it is wet. It feels like in the ads: "warm and fuzzy". That's why he doesn't understand the need to do "their business" on the potty, when all so good. The second step will become a regular "planting" baby on the potty every half hour. At this stage the main thing – not to be lazy. Two or three days, and the baby gets purchased it a habit to ask for a pot.
But what if the problems not the physiological and psychological level? Right here is most accurately suited to the development of even more aggravate the situation. For example, a toddler has a small vocabulary and refuses to speak. For this you need to do exercises with his fingers, let him play with small toys, or rather parts of toys are secured for security. Motor activities of the fingers contribute to the stabilization and development of the speech centers of the baby. It should also take care of passive dictionary of the child. Perhaps he does not want just to talk, but he hears. The more different words says mom and dad, the more they accumulate your little one. And don't make a major mistake – don't tell him yourself. The kid can't talk yet due to the fact that he did not see the need for it, because mother tell him what he wants, he will do, etc.
In that case, if the child is developing normally and all that must do, it is not necessary to overload new knowledge and skills. Nothing good in this approach, no parents, and the child may be boring. The development of a year-old child in this case means the gameplay, which has you can make learning something of the items. Remember that at this age, most toddlers respond well to rhymes and singing. This has a positive effect on the development of their vocabulary and interest in obtaining new knowledge and skills.