You will need
  • - multi-coloured laces or ribbon
  • - the body of a ballpoint pen
  • - package of crackers (bagels)
  • - finger paints
  • - wooden beads, buttons
One of the fascinating sessions that are very popular-kids – sewing-or rather, the needle sticks in small holes and stringing objects on the power cord. This game will help to develop motor skills, thinking ability of your child and to push for the development of not only logic, but also speech.
Before you start an entertaining game in advance, prepare the colored laces, wooden or plastic beads, large buttons (small is better to exclude). Sit baby comfortably on the floor right next to him.
For the first class take, for example, a package of crackers (bagels) and the case from a simple ballpoint pen. Then pass it colored the lace and secure with a knot, so that it is not popped up. Now give your toddler the opportunity to collect the cord drying (bagels), beads, buttons and stitch a garland of them.
After the garland is ready, and sushki (bagels) will be pojedini, hang his work in the kitchen, tying the ends of the lace on both sides. If desired, paint drying (bagels), finger paints in colorful colors. And when the evening dad would come home from work, show off in front of him with the baby her little new achievements.
Starting the second game, you may be limited to only the laces, or ribbons, that would be absolutely the opposite of the first lesson. So now you are going to sew and tie, but rather to unleash. To do this, tie a shoelace to the door of the kitchen furniture. Make sure that the child can easily reach, and the lace easily come undone.
When the laces are tied, show the child by example how they need to unleash. Encourage him in this game, the toddler was able to guess pulling the tip of the lace and took it off. Try to entice your child to these classes, and then you will have a few minutes for yourself.